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Is There A Better Way To Put My Dog To Sleep?

While saying goodbye to your beloved pet can be painful, at times it is inevitable. Even then, most pet owners want their pet to be put to sleep in the most painless way possible. One of the most common ways that is done is through dog euthanasia at Dr. Ray Spragley’s clinic. During euthanasia, the vet will administer medication that renders the pet unconscious. as it quickly shuts down the heart and brain functioning within minutes.

When this time comes, you may want to search for a holistic vet near me such as Zen Dog Veterinary Care who are licensed to administer euthanasia. Mostly, vets prefer doing euthanasia in the pet shelter however they also do consider the pet owner’s wishes.

What’s Best For Your Pet

Every pet owner wants their pet’s last moments to be spent where they feel comfortable and that’s at home. However, getting a vet to come to your home to administer the euthanasia may be a hustle. For best care for your pet be sure to search for a veterinarian care giver who offers in-home dog euthanasia.

Choosing The Right Vet

However, there are veterinarians who are committed to meeting their clients’ wishes. There are no two ways about it, euthanasia is by far the best and most humane was to put your dog out of pain. That said, the real task comes in making the last few moments of your pet as sweet and memorable as possible. You can do this by getting in touch with an in-home vet, one who will be gentle with the process.

Seek Family Support

You can call in other family members who are dear to your dog to say their goodbyes. This way, everyone can get closure. Unlike natural death which may come any time even when you aren’t around, dog euthanasia gives you a chance to experience the last moments with your pet.

Making The Decision

However, not everyone may be comfortable with dog euthanasia (mercy killing). Some may even prefer to wait for their pets’ natural passing. This may be with the greatest and most pure intentions but in some situations the pet may have a poor quality of life. What is more, you may incur more cost of treatment and medication because unlike human beings, pets are not covered by health insurance. Treatment for a pet’s terminal illness will prolong their life by only a few weeks or months. Even with medication,  an animal quality of life might not improve greatly and naturally you will want to make your pet’s life more comfortable. So what can you do to improve your pet’s life quality? Is your pet in pain?

By considering some of these factors, you’ll have a better understanding of what is best for your beloved pet. And if end up opting for euthanasia, get in touch with a holistic vet who will conduct the procedure in your home. Additionally, call in other members of your family to say goodbye to your pets. As hard as it may be, dog euthanasia may be the best solution for you and your dog. You’ll get closure and end your pet’s pain and suffering.

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