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5 Must-Haves For Parents of Multiple Kids

Let’s be frank, as wonderful as they are, any amount of kids complicates your life. Between cleaning up their messes and trying to keep them safe, you have your hands full. When you have multiple children, your work isn’t just doubled, its exponentially multiplied.

Regardless of how seasoned of a parent you are, there are some things that make the job much easier. Take a look at some of the most important must-haves that parents with multiple kids need.  

A Family Vehicle  

From the minute you leave the hospital to the day you start hauling your kids off to dance lessons and football practice, you’ll need a car to put them in. Rather than cramming them all into a small car, it’s best to have a family vehicle with plenty of room.  Apart from it being spacious; it should also be safe. 

The last thing you want to worry about is anything happening to your children that could have been avoided with a safer car. Above all, make sure that it’s fuel-efficient. When you’re driving kids around so much, you want to make sure that you’re saving all of the money you can on gas costs.  

Double Stroller  

If you have young children close in age, it’s essential to have a double stroller. A double stroller makes it possible to haul your kids around without having to juggle multiple items. You can choose between umbrella strollers or even jogging strollers. It’s a good idea to look around at different price and feature options to figure out the best option for you.  

 Bunk Beds  

Unless you have a huge house, chances are you’re likely cramped for space with several children. It helps to have a bunk bed in order to save space in your kids’ rooms. Not only does it save you floor space, but it makes it much easier to clean up the room. Rather than having to clear out junk under each child’s bed, you only have to worry about one.  

Sound Machine  

Kids with age gaps may not go to bed at the same time. Therefore, one may wake another one up when it’s nap time or windows to bed earlier than the other. It helps to have a sound machine to drown out unnecessary noise from other children. It can be a real lifesaver when some of your kids are playing and making noise, and the other one is sleeping.  


It can get difficult to figure out whose clothes are whose in a household full of multiple kids. It’s especially difficult if your kids aren’t too far apart in age. Labeling your kids’ clothing means fewer arguments over whose shirt is whose. It also eliminates the risk of losing their clothes at school.

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