Tips to Make Your Move Less Traumatic for Your Pets

Moving home is stressful not just on humans, but also on pets. In fact, it is perhaps even worse on pets, since you cannot explain to them what is going on. They don’t understand that you took ages to find a new home, and that you chose the new location because it is better. For your pet, it is new, different, and very frightening. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make the experience less traumatic for your animals.

Reassure Them

Animals may not speak human, they do understand tone and affection. Speak to them in a reassuring tone and give them plenty of attention. They may be worried that you are abandoning them in the new property, so you need to make sure that they understand you have moved together.

Focus on Moving Day

Moving day is a very traumatic day for your pet, particularly if you have a dog. It is upsetting for them to see movers in Alexandria VA walking in and out of their domain, taking things that they are protective of as well. If you can, therefore, leave your pets elsewhere, where they are comfortable and that they are familiar with. This will also stop them from getting trampled on, and it will make sure your movers are protected as well.

The Trip Itself

Most pets are happy enough to travel in cars. Some aren’t, however, and you can ask your vet for some advice and, if needed, calming tablets. If you have a dog, they will probably see the car journey as a trip to somewhere fun, but you do need to make sure that you still reassure them. Also carry plenty of food and water with you, and make sure you have frequent breaks along the way.

The New Home

Most domestic animals, but particularly dogs and cats, have very strong homing instincts. This means that, until they accept the new home as their territory, they will try to return to their previous property. You have to watch them closely so as to avoid this from happening. Make sure their collar and microchip is updated with your new address details. That way, if they do escape and get lost, you will have a greater chance of seeing them returned.


It can take quite some time for your animal to settle into their new home. This is particularly true for cats, who you will have to keep indoors for at least three weeks. After that, if they do get outdoors, they will probably get in quite a few fights as they establish their territory. Make sure you keep an eye on them, therefore, so that they don’t actually get hurt.

With a lot of love and affection, you can reassure your pet that the new house is actually their new home, and that you will not leave or abandon them. This may take a little bit of time, however. Be patient and supportive and all should end up well.

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