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“Stop It and Ssshhhh”


Two phrases that in the past week have entered my child’s vocabulary. How easily they start to pick things up at this age. Before bed Reagan and I always sing a couple of songs together while she is settling in. Some nights it’s the ABC’s, some nights it’s a variation of the Barney theme song and some other nursery rhymes she started singing that she learned in daycare.  Two nights ago we were half way through the ABC’s and she looked at me, waved her hand and said “Stop it! Reagan do it…”

I was shocked…my own child just cut me off mid song and declared her independence. In a way I was proud, she wanted to do it herself but still, stop it? I was a little heartbroken. Did she really not need me to help anymore?

The next morning Reagan break’s into song again. I jumped in and started singing along with her and again was greeted with “Stop it! Ssssshhh mama…Reagan do it!” She proudly finished her ABC’s and looked up for praise from me. I quickly changed my dumbfounded look to joy and complimented her on how well she was doing. My little girl is growing up so fast and I am having a hard time coping with the fact that she may soon demand more independence. To be ssshhhh’d by an almost two year old and told to stop it…what’s next?

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