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How to Get Through Life With An Autistic Child

Parenting can be tough at the best of times, once you have that first child then your life will never be the same again. From living a life of relative freedom, hitting the gym, going out with friends, taking vacations whenever you want, your life will plunge into a world of diapers, crying, fear, laughter, school runs, late nights of worry and everything else that goes with having a child.

Parenting is very demanding and even more so if you have a child with autism. Parents of autistic children are demanded upon a great deal more than other parents and rely heavily on the support of organizations, charities and people like Chris Manente to teach them on coping with a child with autism. We all want to give our children the best possible lives and there is no reason that an autistic child can not live a long, healthy and happy life. After speaking to several organizations, we have put together some top tips for you on getting through life if you have an autistic child.


Having a daily routine for your child is incredibly important, autistic children need routine in order to compartmentalize their life and a break in this routine will leave it difficult for them to compute information. From the moment that they wake up to the moment that they go to bed, you should be aiming to keep their daily routine the same each day. Order in a world that your child perceives to be chaotic is one of the best ways that you can help your child.


Many autistic people are able to see the strobing in fluorescent lighting which non-sufferers cannot see, for this reason it will be important that around the home, you are helping your child by letting in as much natural light as possible and using full spectrum lighting.

Minimize Noise

Autistic kids are much more sensitive to noise and you can help to minimize this around the home with a few smart design ideas. Try your best to buffer noise with wall fabrics and rugs. Competing sounds need to be kept to a minimum as well, often people will adjust the volume on the television if people are talking, for most of us this is fine but a child with autism will be able to hear each sound clearly and this can cause confusion in their heads, try to stay aware of competition sounds in the home.

Create a Safe Zone

When your child begins to feel overwhelmed by what is happening, a great way to help them out is to create a safe zone in the house, a place that is quiet and tranquil where they can retreat to and gather their thoughts. This is a very important step to take as there will be times when things get a little bit too much. Give your child a few options for where they would like their safe zone and then add some small decorations to really make it their own.

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