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How to Clean Upholstered Furniture Professionally

Importance of Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

There is no wonder that cleaning the upholstered furniture regularly will increase its lifespan. Hence, it is important for all the people living in Perth to include this regular cleaning habit of furniture in routine. Cleaning furniture not only is important to enhance its lifespan but it will also assure the hygiene of the surrounding environment. If not regularly, at least after every six months cleaning the upholstered furniture must be done. Almost all the houses in Perth have kids or pets that can easily make furniture dirty and this can eventually be unhealthy for all the members of the houses.

Upholstered Furniture Cleaning

Be the upholstered furniture in one’s house or office is leather covered dining chairs or corduroy sofa, it can be cleaned. There is no such upholstered furniture that cannot be cleaned. All furniture has the own way and products of cleaning. Cleaning the upholstered furniture can be done both by own or by hiring the professional cleaners. No matter who does the cleaning but people have to make sure that the furniture is clean and safe to maintain a healthy surrounding. It is also important to think how any guest or visitors of one’s house or office might think while visiting.

People invite guests or clients in house or office often and they definitely want that their guest will regard them with respect as much as possible. Now this would be possible if the furniture that embellishes a house is neat and clean. First impression is very important as this only stays in one’s mind and heart. If a person can create a good impression at the first instance, then there is probably nothing more to worry about. Hence, it is necessary to maintain the regular upholstery furniture cleaning as one never knows when guest can arrive.

However, it is necessary to keep in mind that upholstered furniture is utilized more compared to other ones in a house or office. This is why one has to be more careful while cleaning. Stains, grime, dirt and grease can make the upholstered furniture look tired and old. Moreover, one has to remember that bacteria breeds well in soft furniture. Therefore, upholstery furniture cleaning is very necessary to protect a house or office from harmful diseases. All these things make it very clear that routine upholstery cleaning is really necessary. People can begin the cleaning process by themselves at first and then can hire any professional cleaner who knows the correct techniques and necessities of upholstery cleaning.

Basic Materials Required to Clean Upholstered Furniture

cleaning materialsUpholstered furniture is not only at risk to dust, dirt or surface stains but that the grime can too penetrate deep inside the fibers.  The dirt or dust on the furniture might not be visible but it is actually there. Hence, for the sake of tidiness and hygiene, it is important to clean the upholstered furniture regularly. Upholstery cleaning is not a difficult process. People can start up with the process simply by removing the covers of the chairs and sofas if any. After this, one can put it in washing machine or to dry cleaners. However, in case of non removable covers, proper products of upholstery cleaning and suitable methods will be required to remove the dirt and stain. Some of the ingredients that would help in cleaning upholstered furniture effectively and quickly are as follows:


  • Warm water and light clothes detergent

To start with the cleaning process, one would just require warm water and light clothes detergent. The detergent has to be mixed properly in the water to form lather.

  • White Vinegar

White vinegar is very valuable and effective to remove stains on furniture surfaces. However, after using vinegar, a soap solution will be required for more rigorous cleaning. Vinegar smell is quite strong so after the cleaning is done completely; one must open the windows to allow the smell to pass with air outside as much as possible.

  • Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are just perfect for spot upholstery cleaning. These wipes are very tender so there will be no chance to destroy one’s furniture. Moreover, baby wipes are dry comparatively so they won’t even over saturate the upholstered furniture.

Tips for Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture cleaning is not only important to maintain its quality or lifespan but also for creating a hygienic environment. Proper environment is important for maintaining a healthy livelihood. Clean and neat furniture will also help to create a good impression in front guests or clients. Cleaning upholstered furniture is not too complex. With the help of the basic ingredients, one can easily start cleaning by own without hiring any professional cleaner for it. Whether one is living in Perth or Joondalup, professional upholstered furniture cleaning service providers are available everywhere. However, these are some tips that would help everyone to keep their furniture clean and tidy:

  1. Removing Stains

All upholstered furniture has own its technique of cleaning perfectly. Likewise, stains can be of two types, one is greasy and the other one non-greasy. For removing the stains that are non greasy, one can use cold water and on the other hand, for removing the greasy stains, warm water has to be used.

  1. Avoid using excessive water

Although water plays an important role in cleaning furniture but it must not be used too much. This is because excess water might leave stains under some conditions. Now this can eventually make things look worse and dirty. Therefore, it is better not to use imprudent water while cleaning upholstered furniture.

  1. Pretesting the cleaning products

One has to take care that the furniture in their house or office is shining just like a new one as it will help in making a good impression at the first glance in front of guests or clients. There are certain products of cleaning that can fade the color of furniture. Therefore, before using any ingredients for cleaning, it must be tested for shrinkage and colorfastness by applying on any non-visible part.

  1. Preparing household non-toxic cleaner

One can make an environmentally, non-toxic safe cleaner for upholstered furniture just by blending a cup of lukewarm water along with 1/4th dishwashing soap. Now the mixture has to be beat till it forms a thick lather.

  1. Using Vacuum cleaner

One of the easiest ways to clean up the furniture is by removing the covers and cushions. Then with the help of vacuum cleaner, one can vacuum all the furniture surfaces.

  1. Using brush for fabrics

A soft bristled brush would come in a good help for cleaning the furniture fabrics. The brush would help to clean the fabrics using the lather solution. Later, the foam can be removed with the help of spatula. And at last a damp, one can use clean cloth for clearing the remaining foam.

  1. Using fan for drying fast

To make the process of drying fast, one can simply use a fan. This is very easy and effective trick to dry up the upholstered furniture in the fastest way. However, one can let the furniture dry up outside but in that case it will require extra attention.

  1. Protecting from bacteria

Slipcovers can be used for protecting the upholstered furniture while staying away for a week or month. However, bacteria breeds well in the soft bed of the furniture and this will be eventually harmful for one’s health. Lemon is the best thing for killing or preventing the bacteria to breed in furniture. This is very effectual against maximum household bacteria.

Reasons to Hire Professional Upholstery Cleaners

Maximum time there is a high probability that one will fail to see the dust, dirt, stains or spot in the upholstered furniture. But this certainly will not implicit that the furniture is really clean. It is a fact that furniture such as sofa, couches, upholstered beds, ottoman and such others attract and accumulate unnecessary things like dirt, dust, hair and many other unhealthy substances. These unwanted substances are not always possible to trace easily by bare eyes and can eventually cause serious impact upon health. Here comes the necessity of cleaning the upholstered furniture regularly. It is already mentioned earlier that one can simply do the upholstered cleaning by own undoubtedly. But it is not possible to compete with the outstanding service that is offered by the professional upholstered furniture cleaners. Professional service providers of upholstered cleaning can successfully render the exclusive service as they employ the modern equipments of cleaning and perfect techniques to deliver outstanding result.

Here are Some Reasons for Hiring Professionals:

  • Difficult to clean upholstery

Every fabric of upholstered furniture needs a distinctive cleaning technique. One might not know the perfect process and can result in damaging of furniture unknowingly. Hence, it will be better to hire any expert upholstered cleaner instead of taking any risk of destroying the furniture by employing imperfect technique for cleaning.

  • Stains can be challenging

There are different kinds of spots and stains that can be seen on the furniture. Among these, there some spots and stains that one can remove easily but there are some obstinate spots and stains that cannot be removed even by putting any extra exertion. And if one tries any imperfect way to remove these, it can settle deep inside the fabric. Hence, it will be better to hire professionals as they have the perfect tools and experience to remove all types of stains. This would then make the upholstery furniture look just like a new one.

  • Saves time

To get the upholstery cleaning done perfectly, one would require the correct equipments, ingredients as well as know the proper technique just like professionals to get an effective result. In spite of spending much energy and time on cleaning furniture by own, leave the task upon the professional upholstery cleaners.

  • Manufacturers suggest professionals

Many manufacturers of upholstery furniture suggest hiring professionals only for cleaning. It is said to void the warranty if the upholstery cleaning is done by one self as it might result in damaging the upholstery furniture more in the process. Hence, to keep the warranty valid, one needs to hire professional furniture cleaner.

  • Upholstery furniture is costly

Couches, chairs and all the other upholstery furniture are very expensive. Hence, instead of cleaning these things by own using improper techniques and ingredients, it will be better to depend upon experts. Expert service of upholstery cleaning will ensure an extended lifespan of the furniture.

  • Avoid nuisance

Implementing the wrong process and products of cleaning on the costly upholstery furniture can lead to various types of problem in future. Hence, leaving the work of upholstered furniture cleaning on the hands of professionals will help to avoid any kind of problem and assure that everything will just be perfect.

  • Can get other significant services

Professional cleaning service providers also provide other types of services along with upholstered furniture cleaning such as builder cleaning Perth, carpet cleaning Perth, bond cleaning Perth, vacate cleaning Perth, end of lease cleaning Perth and window cleaning Perth.

These are some of the authentic reasons to depend on professionals for cleaning the upholstered furniture. However, while selecting a professional company for getting this cleaning service, one has to check some of the important things like reputation, years of experience and price rates.

  • Reputation is one of the significant factors that need to be considered for upholstered furniture One can literally search in the websites to check the reputation of the hired cleaner. The reviews of the customers in the company’s official website will provide a good idea about them.
  • Experience is must for rendering an outstanding upholstered cleaning service. An experienced service provider is well acquainted with all the perfect techniques and most importantly with the problems that might arise during the process. Therefore, they would be able to manage every issue easily due to their prior experience.
  • Price rate is a very crucial factor while considering professional upholstery furniture cleaner. Some might charge high rates but there are such professional cleaners in Western Australia who render the same service in much affordable rate.

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