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6 Best Daytime Shows to Watch to Get Into The Money Making Mindset

Daytime television leaves much to be desired, but there are shows on during the day that can help you come up with new ways to make money. Keep these on in the background while you go about your day to help spark new ideas and keep you up-to-date on what’s happening in the world.

The Bloomberg Channel

If all else fails, just turn on the Bloomberg Channel and keep it running in the background. You’ll be able to pick up on what’s happening in the markets as well as the world at large just by tuning in. Of course, this won’t make you some sort of amazing investor (check out this Penny Stocks 101 Guide for that) but it will help familiarize you with industry jargon and the names of companies that are making business news.


Ellen DeGeneres is a positive force and will always put you in a good mood, even when she’s discussing a sad topic. She can be like a breath of fresh air in a world where most of the news seems to be bad. If you’re having a tough day, tune into Ellen and she might even get you to dance along with her.

The Price Is Right

One of the longest running game shows, The Price Is Right has enjoyed a long run with Bob Barker, and now the reigns have been passed to Drew Carey and he’s doing just fine in the role. You can see people winning and losing amazing prizes, which can fuel your motivation and establish a dream board of things you want to own. At the very least it’s a feel good, good mood kind of show.

The Dr. Oz Show

The Dr. Oz show has seen its fair share of criticism over the years, being accused of peddling weight loss hacks and pseudo health advice. However, they have their finger on the pulse of what the next big thing is when it comes to the weight loss industry. If you are considering making money from home with a blog about health and lifestyle, they can give you a heads up on what people are searching for.

The Talk

CBS’s answer to The View, The Talk features a group of women talking about current events and debating different viewpoints. Another great show to watch if you want to start your own blog and are looking for topics to keep it freshly updated. You can also use it to keep an eye on current trends to capitalize on.

The View

The View originally started with Barbara Walters, and continues on to this day with a current cast that includes Whoopi Goldberg and comedian Joy Behar. Just like with The View you can keep up with current events and topics, and it really boils down to which group of women you’d rather watch and listen to.

The goal here is to get away from the soap operas and other useless daytime TV and get the boob tube to work for you instead of against you. It can actually be a device that will make you more productive and move you closer to your goals.

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