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Don’t Let a DUI Alter Your Career

Finding work these days can be extremely challenging already, a DUI on your record could make advancing your career incredibly difficult. Even if you are employed, getting a DUI could set you all the back to the start of your career because some employers terminate any employee that has a DUI conviction on their record. Whether the DUI charge was fair or not, it will certainly undermine your chances of furthering your career regardless your employment history, educational background, or job qualifications.

Reducing Your Opportunities – The DUI conviction can affect future opportunities in your career in ways you might not have even considered. Perhaps you think you have a strong enough background or you feel secure in the job you already have. Depending on your career, the DUI conviction could prevent you from getting hired in the first place. If your career involves driving, whether a cab, caterer, truck driver, or regional sales associate, that DUI conviction could spell the end of that career path. Your job application will most likely be passed over if you have DUI conviction and applying to work in law enforcement, the school district, medical field, or any government agencies.

Simple Background Checks – The ease in which many companies can now do background checks really will affect those with a DUI on their driving record. These companies pay one annual fee and can run background checks on as many current or potential employees they like. While your job may be secure today, the next time the background check is run on you and the DUI appears, your chance at advancement just disappeared and your current position may be in jeopardy. If the job requires licensing like with the military, the DUI will end your career.

Time Away From Work – Without the help of a professional local DUI attorney, you are going to need a significant amount of time away from work to be able to attend to your DUI case. There will be a number of mandatory court dates you must appear at, there could be a few hearings that require you be present, you may have community service, and even potential jail time to serve. All of these require you be away from work, so not only could your current job be in jeopardy, those seeking a new career will find it challenging to attend interviews, commit to a set schedule, or make a decision on future employment without knowing what your sentence may be.

The Perception of DUI – If you are unable to reduce the charge of DUI and keep it off your permanent record, your future career will be negatively impacted just by the perception professionals have when it comes to this offense. Your future employer may see this one instance as a sign of a potentially deeper issue, connecting your alcoholic problems with an increase in their business expenses. The perception unfortunately employers have with those convicted of DUI is that these individuals miss more work than other employees and have far less lower performance standards.

Reach out to the Prime Lawyers Sydney professionals so they can advise you of your options and help you to lessen the degree to which this DUI is going to affect your career moving forward.

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