A Parent’s Guide to Vacationing in London

If you’re planning to travel to London anytime in the future, you’ll do well to plan well in advance, particularly if you’re traveling with your kids. Vacationing with kids should be planned like a military maneuver. Of course, you can leave things until the last minute or wait until you arrive in the UK’s capital to make all your plans. However, that might just mean you’re all running around like headless chickens and get nothing done. Traveling to a large city such as London can be very daunting, so here are some tips to help your vacation run smoothly.

Plan Your Arrival

When you arrive at one of London’s airports, you’ll need to get into the city,and the best way is to use one of the Express trains. Both Gatwick and Heathrow have express trains that run frequently, are quicker than a standard rail journey, and tend not to be quite so crowded. If you’re arriving in London in the middle of the night,you might have to wait awhileuntil you can check into your hotel. There is a great service that allows you to enjoy settling into the city, without having to worry about dragging your luggage around. AirPortrpicks up your luggage from the airport, wraps it and delivers it to your hotel for you. You can catch up with it later in the day.

How to Travel

When it comes to traveling around London, consider using public transport, particularly if your kids are under five, as they can travel for free. The tube, in particular, is a very convenient and cost-effective way to travel, unless you’ve got a kid in a stroller. If this is the case, then buses are a much better way to get around,andyour little ones will love the experience of traveling in a double-decker bus. It’s best to avoid rush hour, as you’ll find yourself sat in traffic for rather a long time. There is plenty of information available online about taking London buses and using the underground.

It’s worth mentioning that traveling by boat is another option that your kids will find great fun. The Thames Clipper is used by commuters and tourists and is a river bus service that provides you with some of the best views of various London sites.

Take in a Musical

London is a melting pot for culture, but not every experience is going to be child-friendly. You’ll find the theater worth a visit, with many American musical productions now open in the West End. There are shows geared towards children,and you can buy shows and London musical tickets online.

Buy a London Pass

If you’re traveling with family, then keeping to a budget is going to be important. You can save money by buying a London Pass. The card covers the entrance fees for many museums and other attractions. The British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum are actually free, but if you plan to visit some of the other attractions in the capital, buying a London Pass makes sense.

London has a lot to offer parents,and with a little forward planning and knowledge, you’ll be able to experience lots of it without feeling too stressed.

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