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Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a condition that affects your periodontal tissues. The disease attacks the periodontal ligament, gum line, cementum, and alveolar bone. The dental infection is classified into two: periodontitis and gingivitis. The diseases are common and affect a huge population. If left untreated, the disease spreads to the bone, leading to tissue destruction. In such scenarios, your teeth have to be removed.

The treatment options for periodontal infection involve surgical and regenerative processes. Most treatment procedures involve the removal of the bacteria leading to the condition. The disease can be easily treated using antibiotics in the initial stages. According to the Central Texas Periodontics reports, there is a need to maintain proper dental hygiene during the treatment of the disease. Good dental hygiene also helps control the condition in the first stages.

The treatment procedure varies depending on the level of infection. For the moderate extent of the periodontal disease, which is treated the same as mild infection, involves antibiotics, scaling, and root planning procedures performed on the patient. However, there is a need to regularly visit your dental clinic in case your disease is severe.

You should make a minimum of four trips to your dental professional when you have periodontal disease. This is because the spread of the infection results in loss of bony tissue. In this case, you require appropriate surgery; any extensive damage of the bone tissue demands the use of bone grafting practice. In addition, you must visit your dentist once in three months for reassessment.

Visits are crucial in avoiding bacteria from the repopulation of tissues. In addition, treatment options for periodontal diseases are more successful when the infection is detected in the first stages.

Reasons you should consider dental implants

Dental implants have become quite common globally.  All on 4 dental implants have become an essential aspect of the dental sector. Dental implants substitute the root of teeth or serve as replacements for the natural toothpaste in places where the mouth has missing teeth or other dental issues. Several reasons have led to dental implants becoming popular. Some of the reasons include:

1.    Preservation of the face and mouth structure

Dental implants prevent the deterioration of the bone that makes the structure of your face remain intact. In addition, the implants prevent the compromising of adjacent teeth. Replacing missing teeth with implants ensures that the other teeth are in a good state, avoiding the teeth’ damage.

Traditional ways of replacing teeth entailed compromising adjacent teeth, leading to loosening of the teeth due to high pressure. With this, the mouth feels natural and appears as it should. The dental implants in today’s world ensure that you have stability and security while sneezing, laughing, and chewing food.

2.    Boosts your health

Eating a wide range of foods promotes good health. However, dental issues may hinder you from getting the proper nutrition. The use of dentures affects the intake of some types of foods like corn and apple.

With dental implants, you can choose a nutrient-rich diet. There is no need to protect the mouth from eating your food when dental implants support tooth replacement. Good dental and oral health is beneficial to the general health of your body. Take care of your teeth by practicing good dental habits and hygiene.

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