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Unplug your Toddler


“Honey…who is Elmo?” She’s pointing furiously at the iPad and demanding Elmo. Yes, it’s true. My iPad has now become the property of my 20 month old child and been nicknamed Elmo; mostly due to the apps on there where Elmo teaches her about ABC’s and 123’s.

How she became more proficient at being able to open her apps and quickly move from one to the other better than me is baffling. Then I realized…maybe she is spending a little too much time with “Elmo.”

While these apps are incredible about teaching her basics and educating her with flash cards and memory games I realized that it’s not the job of the iPad to do this. It’s mine!
Now don’t get me wrong, often there are times when I am seriously grateful for the iPad and educational apps, especially if we are traveling on a plane, sitting in a doctor’s office or in an area that is not exactly toddler friendly. But, I also need to realize that when we are sitting at home there really isn’t an excuse for me not to be doing this with her myself.

Spending the time with Reagan myself teaching her these important steps will not only help her in her development but also know that when she has a question or problem about something she can come to me to help her. Her interaction with me will be better than staring at a screen all day.

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