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Conjunctivitis in newborn

Conjunctivitis in newborn

The baby ‘s eyes newborn are very delicate. At birth the midwife or pediatric nurse them apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent serious eye infections that can cause blindness. For that baby’s eyes the first few hours are as bright and color a little yellow. Overall is chlortetracycline ointment. But what happens if the baby has a yellowish discharge from the eyes?

What if the newborn has neonatal conjunctivitis

The baby’s eyes should be washed with warm water while bathing or daily grooming. Occasionally we can use eye tissues, particularly suitable for hygiene of the body.

Whenever we see secretions, whether claritas, whitish, we must clean them with saline and sterile gasita. Nothing happens if we do several times a day.

If the discharge is yellow or green we must consult with our pediatrician. The specialist will indicate some antibiotic eye ointment to apply it in the eyes of the baby. It is convenient first remove all traces of tear secretion or with saline and sterile gauze.

Then we apply the eye ointment opening a little lower lid and placing a small amount, like a grain of rice inside the eye. When closing the eye ointment will be distributed. We can also get a little bit in the yolk and apply our finger on the edge of the eyelashes, always with very clean hands.

If this secretion is very common, or the baby is constantly tearing, must consult with the pediatrician, we probably refer you to an ophthalmologist for evaluation. It is likely that the baby has a blocked tear duct, which is very common in the first months of life, and usually resolve spontaneously.

Anyway we can help by gently massage with fingertips in the inner corner of the eye, both the upper and the lower.

If still not resolved after a few months, it is likely that the ophthalmologist has to make a small intervention to desobstruirlo with a special probe.

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