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5 Things That Should Be In Your Child’s Bedtime Routine

Nighttime is often a frustrating period for parents trying to get rambunctious children to go to sleep for the night.  Even though adults may be ready to hit the hay after a long day of working hard, children don’t always function the same.

In order to get your child to bed at a regular time for their own well-being and yours, it’s essential to maintain a consistent bedtime routine which functions the same every night.

When establishing your child’s bedtime ritual, make sure that you incorporate the following things.

Brushing Teeth

Teaching your children the importance of oral health is crucial.  Since you’re their teacher to help guide them through life, it’s up to you to make sure that they know how to do things which prevent teeth issues.

Since some kids may resist this part of a bedtime routine, it’s helpful to try to make it fun. Lead by example and brush with them.  You can create a special teeth-brushing song together which you can hum while you brush.  You can also buy a fun toothbrush with their favorite character on it.


Taking baths is helpful for getting them to a calm state of mind.  It’s also important to scrub off any dirt and stains that they accumulated throughout the day.

If you have multiple children, you may find that separate baths are better than everyone getting in at the same time since bathtime can quickly turn into a wild splashing party.  Always make sure you’re present for safety reasons, as well as ensuring they’ve washed everything properly. 

Dressing Themselves

Even though younger children may not be able to dress themselves completely yet, it’s helpful to start teaching them young.

Try to get them enthusiastic about putting everything on themselves and be sure to give them praise.  It’s in your best interest to teach them to get dressed themselves as young as possible since it won’t just make your nighttime routine easier, but also your morning routine. 


Stories are great for winding down and enjoying the power of imagination.  Depending on how old the children are you may find it fun to alternate turns reading books.

Even if your kids aren’t reading much yet at their age, you can let them tell you stories based on the photos. 

A Lullaby

Once they’re finally in bed, a lullaby is the final step which is a cue for bedtime.  A lullaby can be any song you want which is soft and comforting.

Not only does it soothe them into a sleep state of mind, but it will create fond childhood memories for them.  Every time they hear the song for the rest of their lives, they’ll be reminded of their bedtime as a child.

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