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Taking Your Child on their First Holiday

While a vacation might provide you and your family with a relaxing break, you might question whether a destination or journey would be right for a young child, as it might be too crowded or offer limited family-friendly attractions. You will also want them to enjoy the trip of a lifetime, so the pressure will be on to choose the perfect place.

To ensure your family have a hassle-free, enjoyable break, read the following tips for taking your child on their first holiday.

Pick a Family-Friendly Destination

Ensure your kids have an unforgettable trip by booking a family-friendly destination. Choose a place that offers plenty of attractions that will keep your children occupied on vacation, such as beautiful beaches, theme parks, or children’s museums.

Book a Rental Home

If you want to enjoy a little privacy and normality when on vacation, consider booking a rental home. This will allow a child to stay in their own bedroom, and you can cook delicious, healthy dishes for the whole family in the kitchen. Wherever you are planning to visit in the world, browse the best rentals at Vacation Renter by Wilbur Labs.

Provide Plenty of Entertainment

It’s easy for children to become restless during a flight, especially if they are forced to sit in the same seat for more than a couple of hours. Unfortunately, this can lead to tantrums that can create an uncomfortable flight for all the family, as well as your fellow passengers.

If you want to prevent your child from becoming bored on an airplane, pack plenty of activities to keep your son or daughter occupied. For example, you could download their favorite movies onto a tablet computer, fill their bag with a notebook and pencils, or you could play family-friendly travel games.

Consider Their Safety

Your child’s safety will be of paramount importance to you, which is why you must ensure their safety from start to finish of a vacation. For example, they could wear a wristband with your contact number, so someone can call you if your child disappears at an airport. You should also book accommodation of the ground floor.

Write a Travel Checklist

Try to be as organized as possible in the run up to your vacation. Think about every essential item you’ll need ahead of a vacation, such as your passports, sunscreen with a high SPF and sun hats. You might also need an umbrella for their sunchair, and nappies and wipes to last them throughout the vacation.

Never assume you can buy the items at a destination, as you might be disappointed once you arrive. Also, double check your list before heading off to a destination to ensure you have packed every essential item in your luggage.

Book Attractions Online Before You Travel

Rather than paying full price for tickets at an attraction gate, buy them online in advance. While you could purchase them directly from the attraction website, you could find a better deal on a third-party, reputable website. Do your research before you book to save money on your family vacation, so you’ll have a little extra cash for your kids to spend at a gift store.

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