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It’s Not Too Late To Make Your Own 2018 Family Calendar

It’s always helpful to have a calendar pinned to your cubicle at the office or stuck to the refrigerator at home to keep you organized with your deadlines, appointments and day-to-day errands. Typically, these wall calendars are filled with images of cute animals or sweeping landscapes, but you can make them even better with photos of the people you love the most. With the help of a savvy website and a handful of pictures, you can make a personalized family calendar in a flash.

You don’t have to staple together printed pictures in order to DIY a family calendar — you can make your own calendar online by uploading your favourite photos and having a glossy printed copy mailed to your doorstep. These photos of your family can be uploaded from any digital archive, so you can transfer files from computers, digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, social media platforms and more. This is all possible with the assistance of the website photoroost, where you can customize every element of your calendar including the images, layout, template and text.

If you don’t have enough pictures available for a calendar, here are some family portrait ideas that you can arrange for the spring, summer, fall and winter months:

Spring: March, April, May

Pose for beautiful outdoor pictures in public parks, community gardens, walking paths or your own backyard. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of spring showers for your adorable photoshoot — dress up in rubber boots and raincoats or hold up colourful umbrellas in the rain. 

Summer: June, July, August

If you are planning for summer family photos you will need to embrace the hot weather, bright skies and fun attitude of the season. Plan your photoshoots at a sandy beach, where you capture moments like making sandcastles, swimming and flying kites. If your family goes camping or takes trips to the cottage, remember to take snaps of activities like canoeing, roasting marshmallows and sitting around a crackling fire. 

Fall: September, October, November

The weather might be cooler than spring and summer, but you should still do photo shoots in the great outdoors to get pictures of the changing foliage. A handful of family fall photo ideas include taking a trip to an apple orchard, visiting a pumpkin patch, dressing in Halloween costumes or simply playing with colourful leaves.

Winter: December, January, February

You can always do outdoor winter photo shoots to grab pictures of your family playing in the snow or sledding down a hill. If you want to stay cozy indoors, you can always arrange the photo shoots by holidays that take place during the season — like in December you can take Christmas family photos decorating the tree or opening presents.

These family wall calendars exist to make you feel prepared and motivated to accomplish any of the goals that you schedule. Photos of your family will inspire you to meet your deadlines, finish your errands and be the best version of yourself.

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