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5 Tips For Balancing Family And Work

Working full time is difficult, stressful, and time consuming enough on its own. Throw trying to care for a family into the mix and its no wonder so many people seem to struggle with it all. Balancing work and family in a healthy way can be tricky, and there can be so many variables involved. If you are curious about how to make a better balance in your life, read on. These 5 tips are just for you!

Be Your Best Self 

Taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally by taking adequate breaks and engaging in self care is actually one of the best ways you can be a great parent, spouse, and employee all at once. The better you are feeling, the more equipped you will be to take care of other people and things. For instance, if you are feeling like your marriage isn’t working out, filing for divorce could actually be the very best thing for you, both work-wise and family-wise, because if you are finally happy you will be able to do your best in all corners of your life.

Make Lists 

Making to-do lists is a helpful tool for any busy person, and this is especially true if you are trying to balance a busy work schedule with an equally busy family life. To-do lists can come in many forms and don’t necessarily just have to be in your planner, notebook, or on a post-it note. They can also be on a large chalkboard or whiteboard in your home in a place you know you will see it regularly (so as not to forget anything on it), on your fridge, or in your phone.

When you have a lot going on in all aspects of your life, it is very important to keep track of the things you need to get done, and always make sure your priorities are straight. For example, if you have an important work function coming up you should make sure that you don’t already have a special date planned with your spouse or one of your kid’s soccer games to go to during that same time.

Be Transparent 

Talk as much as you can and be open, honest, and transparent not only with your family but with your co-workers and supervisors as well. If everyone knows and understands that you have a busy life and the reasons behind that, they will be much more likely to be understanding when you have other obligations.

It can be hard to juggle a family and a busy work schedule all at once, but finding a rhythm that works for you, including surrounding yourself with understanding people, will make your journey so much less bumpy. Try the above tips to see if they can alleviate some of your stress!

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