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The Risk Of Pests In Older Homes

Having an older home is often a personal and financial choice. After all, in many cases, an older home is smaller than the modern alternative. But, they do tend to have more character.

Unfortunately, it’s this character that generally means you will have a bigger issue with pests and are going to need a reputable pest control service. In short, they prefer older homes. Here’s why:

Ease of Access

Older homes were made to a different standard than the modern versions. This is because rules and regulations change, usually for the better. A key factor of this is the different materials that make it harder for pests to find or chew a way into your home.

In other words, the older home is an easier target.

Wear & Tear

You may not be able to do a lot about the materials your home is built with. But, you can address wear and tear issues. The biggest problem is gaps and cracks that appear in your façade, often as a result of settling, although they can be a result of damage and neglect.

Filling all these cracks and holes will deprive the pests of the easy entry point that they use. If you make it harder for them to get in they will go elsewhere.

Moisture Levels

Pests choose a home based on food, water, and warmth. Unfortunately, older homes are more likely to have an issue with moisture. Due to the materials used, older houses tend to retain more moisture. They are also more likely to develop leaks and have standing water in gutters and other places.

This is simply because the house is older and things start to sag.

You’ll need to verify whether you have any standing water or water leaks. It’s also worth considering methods of lowering moisture in the house.


Older homes tend to be found outside cities and in more rural communities. This is because cities are constantly rejuvenating and rebuilding. Naturally, the more rural your home the more pests there are likely to be around it and the higher the probability they will invade.

It’s a good idea to speak to your local experts, you can click here to find them, and find out what pests are operating in your area. Being prepared will make it easier for you to protect against them.


Finally, older homes often have modifications undertaken and even extensions added. This is to ensure they are big enough for the occupants. Unfortunately, if this type of work is done without an inspection first then you could simply be building over a termite’s nest or something similar. This effectively gives the pests access to your home.

Equally, poor workmanship when adding extensions and improvements can make it easier for pests to get in.

The Bottom Line

It is easier for a pest to get into an older home and often more appealing for them to do so. The good news is that you can prevent it from being an issue by sealing up your home, checking moisture levels, keeping your food stored in containers, and making sure your house is clean.

If there is nothing to appeal to a pest it will go elsewhere.

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