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Mimicking Behavior


Lately I started noticing Reagan beginning to imitate my every move and repeat almost everything that I say. During the annular eclipse I was sitting on the brick wall in our front yard and crossed my leg one over the other. Rey came down and sat next to me and proceeded to cross her legs as well. We got such a big kick out of it because it was the first time we had seen her do this. She was laughing and smiling because she knew she was doing something we all thought was funny.

That night I started thinking about how quickly she was becoming her own little person. So much we do and say starts to become influential and shape her learning, thinking and how she acts going forward. It’s a simple fact that children learn by modeling themselves on other people, mostly the ones they love and admire.

During hockey playoffs I let the “S” word slip out of my mouth and within seconds Rey repeated it. Brian and I looked at each other in horror and realized that we were really going to have to monitor what we say and do in front of her. We really have to pay attention to the toddler programs we allow her to watch because she is starting to retain information and copy what she’s seeing. Positive role models are more important now than ever and who better to start as that person than her parents!
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