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Tricks to eat less (without skipping meals)

Tricks to eat less (without skipping meals)

1. Putting ice cubes in your drinks forces the body to heat up, so you burn more calories .

2. Normally we tend to use low glasses and widths. Instead, drink in long and narrow.

3. Keep away snacks. If you do not have to look at, it will be much easier not to remember them and therefore do not eat them.

4. The largest food will satisfy you more, so prepare some salad with your mini sandwich to make you look bigger.

5. A greater variety on the table, the more you will eat, so Focus on two or three food (not worth fries, pizza and chicken).

6. If you could see everything you’ve eaten, it is much more likely to peers. If you take snacks, see keeping the wraps.

7. Integrate the healthiest item on your first meal.

8. If you have a craving for food, chew gum or brush your teeth. It will take away the desire instantly.

9. When eating away from home, try to chew well and as slowly as possible. And remember that junk food such as chips or burgers, melts quickly in the mouth, unlike, for example, lettuce.

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