5 Things to Buy for that Christmas Dinner at Your House

Holiday season is upon us! And for many that will mean hosting a dinner at your place. Aside from the usual frantic cleaning and Googling for a great recipe, what are some things that will help you appear to be the perfect host? Here are 5 items to stock up on that will make sure you are able to graciously handle any event at your holiday party.

  1. Paper towels and tissue boxes.

Stock up on a number of tissue boxes and place them in strategic positions throughout your hosting area. And make sure you have a couple rolls of paper towels in your kitchen and bathroom. Spills and food mishaps happen all the time. And you will want to handle them quickly and smoothly. A good host does not allow her guest to feel embarrassed. Make sure to laugh off any fumbles and reassure your guest that the carpet or couch will not stain. So having stain remover on hand is not a bad idea either. And keep a throw on hand in case you need to cover a couch.

  1. First aid kits.

Burns and cuts–these things happen as you prepare a meal. Add in a splash of Happy Hour and the ways in which people can get hurt double in surprising and often unforeseen ways. And if you are hosting an event where guests bring their kids, it is almost a given that someone will be in tears at some point. What is a good host to do to prepare for slightly tipsy guests who have somehow hurt themselves at your party? Have a first aid kit on the ready. Tending to whatever cut or scrape promptly can prevent infection and a possible worsening of the injury. Stock your first aid kit with all the essentials, such as Band-Aids, gauze, surgical tape, etc.

  1. To-go bags or containers.

If you want your party to be remembered the day after with delight, all you need to do is send your guests home with some leftovers. They get the added meal prep help, and you get to look gracious and oh so prepared! To do this, you will need to stock up on some to-go bags or containers, so as not to deplete your personal collection of Tupperware. Disposable containers are easy on guests, as they do not need to wonder whether they should return the container.

  1. Non-alcoholic drinks.

There is always that one guest who has decided not to drink at your party. Are you prepared? If at all possible, try to find out beforehand what his or her non-alcoholic beverage of choice is. If you are not able to find out, go to the store and purchase a bottle of plain soda and a bottle of fancy juice. If you know children will be attending as well, then increase that amount as well as the variety you stock. Also make sure to have your coffee and tea set up operational, too.

  1. After-dinner snacks.

No matter how abundant your holiday spread and regardless of how much your guests have eaten, there is always room for a treat.
And this applies even if you served a dessert at the table. If everyone has moved to the living room, consider having a bowl of chocolates on the side table. Or offer some dark chocolate with your after-dinner coffee. Other ideas for after-dinner snacks include fresh fruit and salted nuts. Individually wrapped mints and ginger cookies are also a great choice.

It is the little touches of concern and thoughtfulness that make the evening sing and will leave a lasting impression. If you find that your guests are lingering around the living room, you know you have done a good job of creating an experience they will not forget. All it takes is stocking up on these party essentials.


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