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Soaring number of babies born from sperm donation – What you should know

Recent reports suggest that around 1400 babes in the UK are born from donated sperm. Donor sperm can be used to assist individuals and couples in becoming parents, irrespective of whether they’re lesbian, single, married, co-habiting or divorced. Although using donor sperm to become pregnant is a phenomenon which is increasingly becoming common, yet making the final decision to utilize donor sperm can often be stressful and tough for a woman. There are also certain issues to consider. What are they? Find out by reading the post.

Hunting for the donor sperm

Well, there are 3 main ways in which you can hunt for donor sperm. What are they?

  • You may use sperm from an unknown donor by visiting a fertility clinic. Such clinics have their personal stock of frozen sperm or they may even be purchasing them from a sperm bank.
  • You may seek help of a sperm donor whom you already know, who may be a friend or a donor you accidentally came to know through some website. Make a private arrangement where the donor offers fresh sperm.
  • You may go abroad for treating yourself with donor sperm

Using a donor sperm – How to go about the process

Donor sperm is usually used to assist a woman in getting pregnant through insemination. It is a rather straightforward process where a syringe is inserted which carries the donor sperm within the vagina, cervix straight into the uterus during the most fertile time of the month. This process can also be used as part of IVF.

Visiting a fertility clinic

While you can definitely visit sperm banks, there are fertility clinics too that you may even visit. You may read more about the sperm bank here. Both private and NHS, there is a network of fertility clinics throughout UK which are all licensed by Human Fertilization and Embryology Association.

Checking sperms in fertility clinics

HFEA-licensed sperm banks and clinics have to abide by strict regulations to make sure that the sperm that they supply is totally free from infections like HIV, Chlamydia and other genetic disorders. In case you seek help of a licensed clinic, you won’t know the identity of the donor but you can definitely seek information about his health and other characteristics.

Locating a good fertility clinic

The waiting list of donor sperm usually varies from one clinic to another. So you need to check and verify the waiting time of the sperm for a number of clinics before you’re able to choose where you will seek your treatment. In case you wish to get fertility treatment, you should seek referral from your GP as she will be the best person to offer help.

Apart from all the above options, you may even arrange a private donation of sperm. If you know someone, whom you have met through some agency or who might be your friend, you can even use his sperm to conceive. Whichever way you choose, make sure you know the details of the person.

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