5 Reasons to sport the Skort in 2017


For those of you who may never have heard the word, or seen them worn, a ‘Skort’ isn’t that difficult to work out. Simply put together the words ‘short’ and ‘skirt’, and there you have it. In more detail, a skort is a garment that may somewhat resemble a skirt, but has divided legs that gives the wearer the ability to be more active. These became fashionable back in the 1970’s, and have made a big comeback as of late. This actual form of clothing has a history going back to the wearing of something called ‘culottes.’

Origins – Culottes

Originally, this word was applied to refer to trousers worn by men. Women’s fashion appears to have borrowed the word in the 1800s, when women began wearing culottes so that they could ride horses astride rather than side saddle. The split skirt design was perfect for riding safely while preserving one’s modesty.

5 Reasons Why to Sport a Skort in 2017

  1. Traditionally the skort is a fairly short piece of female attire, offering the coolness of wearing either a skirt, but with all the benefits of more modest coverage provided by shorts. You can see skorts being worn by more and more gentlewomen involved in sports, such as tennis, volleyball and even hiking.
  1. A skort can be made from a whole range of materials, although because most women wear them for modesty, they are often made from a thick fabric, rather than sheer. A skort these days is usually pleated, with a hidden side pocket. From a humble black skort to other brighter colours, more and more females are finding them the preferred method of clothing, especially during the summer months.
  1. Many women like the ease and freedom of wearing a skort because of the fact that it reveals less of the female figure than does a pair of shorts. The skort also manages to hide any perceived figure faults, and retains more of the feminine than shorts. After all, most respectable females have no desire to display their “assets!”
  1. A skort gives women who would otherwise feel restricted to wear skirts, the opportunity to be more physically active. The full coverage they present is more unassuming than a skirt, because a skort is not prone to flip up with intense physical activity or a spry wind. offer a wide range of top quality, stylish and practical school sports skorts in six different colours.
  1. A skort can transition from a functional piece of female clothing, to a stylish one. How many other forms of clothing can do just that? Having the ability to transform itself from one to the other is the envy of most other pieces of clothing!


Oddly enough, a number of females are somewhat hesitant to wear a skort at first, but after trying it on, some often wonder why anyone would ever wear a skirt! Especially for sports!

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