Gifts that are meant only for our super Indian moms

Mother’s Day celebration is a very new age concept imported from Western culture. But the way we Indians are connected to our moms and our whole family needs no further explanation. Unlike other cultures, we remain very much rooted in our family and moms are always the base of that connection. So, before this upcoming Mother’s Day, let’s check a list of those things which our Indian supermoms are going to love like crazy in the following mother’s day gift ideas.

mothers day gift

Jewelry: We all have that eye for a gold piece – isn’t it? In our part of the world, power, status, and class are somewhat defined by the amount of gold one holds. Gold is a precious metal and the jewelry made out of it has kept women fascinated since time immemorial. Necklace, earring, bangles, nose rings, – there’s really a lot that you can buy for your loving mom. You must have seen that she never keeps her gold chain away from her neck not only because she loves it but also for the fact that she loves her tradition. It is told in our tradition that a married woman should never be devoid of gold because that is considered a good omen.

Saree: Draping a saree of any nature in just 5 minutes is an art and our moms excel in that category. Kanchivaram, cotton, Banarasi, Assam Silk, Bandhani, Bhagalpuri, Bomkai, Dhakai Jamdani, Chanderi, Kalamkari, etc. are a few names that you must know if you are planning to get a gorgeous saree for her. She would be more than pleased to receive her most treasured garment from you. With her grace, she can perfectly fit into any kind of saree and manage to look beautiful.


Colorful jute bag: She goes to local market daily or on weekly basis to bargain the fresh vegetables so that her family can enjoy a great meal. She uses jute bags mostly for that. So, on this mother’s day, get her some nice colorful jute bags that are meant for vegetable shopping. She would be super happy believe me.


Designer flower vase: As the manager of the house, she takes care of it like no one else can. From managing the kitchen to beautifying the outlook of the home, she does that all with style. A designer flower vase would be a lovely gift idea to greet her on this mother’s day so that she can continue her home decoration with creativity and simplicity.

Traditional pooja thali: We just cannot think our day devoid of pooja chants recited by our moms – right? You would get some really glossy and designer traditional pooja thali in both online and offline market which would suit perfectly as a mothers day gifts. These thalis have incense stick holders and a diya also which makes the gift look complete. For all kind of religious occasion and also on daily life, this one can be used with pride. In fact, she would proudly say that “my child have gifted it to me”

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