Christmas Party Shoe Ideas for Women Who Hate High Heels!

Whether you have old knee or ankle injuries that make you feel unsafe in heels, don’t want the extra height because you’re already tall, want to dance the night away in comfort, or simply just don’t get the appeal of heels, there are loads of reasons why you might not feel enamored with the idea of finishing off your gorgeous new holiday outfit with a side order of foot torture.

Of course, many people think it is impossible to look truly glamorous and dressed up without heels. While it is true heels do tend to make your legs look longer and force you to hold yourself in a more elegant way, this is really all they do to affect your overall look, and you can achieve just as much of a glamorous look with small heels or flat shoes if you choose them carefully.

Here are some ideas:

Ballet Pumps

While obviously not up there with sneakers for comfort, ballet shoes are a great thing to have in your shoe arsenal for when you want to look elegant and feminine with flats. Fortunately, they also come in all kinds of sparkly, pretty incarnations around this time of year, allowing you to dress up with sparkles, sequins, beads or other glitzy designs to compliment your party outfit. While sparkly golden ballet pumps may sound gaudy, when paired with a chic little black dress they can actually be exactly the right touch to turn your go-to party dress into a glam festive outfit.

Alternatively, look for designs in lace, which may not do much to keep your feet warm but will look sophisticated and stylish with all kinds of dresses.

Over The Knee Boots

Over the knee boots were a huge trend last winter, and are back again for Christmas 2017 – perhaps because so many people realized that they provided an opportunity to look sexy, keep warm and avoid skyscraper stilettos!

While there are of course high heeled versions of these shoes, there are plenty with a smaller block heel that are comfortable and practical and do nothing to take away from the cool look of the boot.

Opt for designs in leather or suede with lacing up the back for a look that is sexy but also chic, and pair them with cute, colorful mini-dresses for a flirty party look that will be comfortable even if you have to walk to the party in the snow!

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots can be another cute style to wear for parties, and again, while there are lots of them that do feature big, spindly heels, there are plenty that don’t either, with a chunky heel of only an inch or two to keep you feeling comfy and stable as well as looking great.

There was a belief back in the day that ankle boots didn’t really work with dresses, as they cut off the leg (visually, not literally) and made it look shorter from the gap between where the skirt ends and footwear begins. There is some truth in this, however it is definitely no longer seen as a fashion faux pas, so if you have long legs you can really just go for it. If you are concerned about the boots making your legs look shorter, all you need to do is wear hosiery in a similar color to your boots to negate the effect – problem solved!

Leather or suede are again the best textures for ankle boots, though it you are feeling wintery, a cute faux fur trim can be a nice touch. Pair them with simple dresses or edgy leather skirts for a trendy look, and also consider lacy or patterned tights with plainer skirts or dresses for a nice touch.

Sparkly Sandals

While not a brilliant idea if you are going to be spending any time outdoors at your party, delicate strappy sandals can be a good way to add some sparkle and femininity without a heel. Make sure you’ve taken good care of your feet and your toes are pedicured, however – these types of shows show off a lot of foot and we do tend to end up with some rough patches in the winter!

This look works best if you are wearing a long dress or formal gown and want to avoid heels.

As you can see, there are flat or flatter options for all kinds of party outfits, so there is no need to endure the party season in pain!

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