7 Baby Shower Gifts

A pregnancy within the group, be it someone in your family or a friend, is an exciting time for everyone involved. Watching this miracle unfold can be just as special to you, as it is for the mother, and so when the baby shower is impending, finding a gift the mother, father and baby will enjoy can be difficult. You want your gift to be useful, adorable, and something everyone can make use of – how can you possibly tick all these boxes?

For the Baby


No newborn can have too many clothes, and when the baby is spitting up on numerous outfits, the mother and father will be thankful forhaving a wardrobe full of outfits for their messy baby. You can opt for a personalized onesie with the baby’s name embroidered on the front, or you can invest in cloth diapers from, a perfect gift for parents with an eco-friendly mindset.

Personalized Gifts

While the baby may not know its name is written on their clothing or on the front of a book, the parents-to-be will be able to appreciate this gift. What’s more, if you, for instance, gift them with a personalized Tale of Peter Rabbit book, this can be kept safe until the baby is able to read. Another wonderful gift idea is a baby hand and foot print kit so that the parents can always have the memory of how small their baby once was.

A Teddy Bear

What nursery is complete without a teddy bear? While this may be a go-to gift for many, a baby cannot have enough teddy bears, and yours will be equally cherished. Of course, you can buy a personalized teddy bear or simply look for the fluffiest and most cuddly teddy bear out there.

A Pull Along Toy

If you are looking for a toy that is slightly different to the usual soft toys, a pull along toy can be a great decorative piece for the nursery, and when the baby learns to walk, they can take it anywhere they go. Usually, pull along toys are in the shape of animals, such as unicorns, dogs or even mammoths.

A Gift Basket

Can’t decide on one gift idea? Don’t settle, and put together a hamper filled with an array of tiny and useful gifts. You can include a onesie, some shoes, a photo frame,and a soft toy. Wrap it nicely, and choose a basket the parents could reuse and even store in the nursery.

For the Mother

A Bottle of Alcohol

You cannot forget the mother in all of this, and after giving birth and nine months of keeping the baby well and safe, presenting them with a gift that is just for them is a wonderful idea. Buy them a bottle of their favorite alcohol for them to enjoy one night when the baby is asleep.

Spa Gifts

As a mother of a newborn, they will be in great need of R and R every now and then. While they may not have the time to head to the spa or even to the hairdressers, you can always bring the spa to them. Create a gift basket full of hair products, body products and relaxing bath salts.

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