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Simple ways to help your child adapt to their new glasses

It’s true that children adapt well to change. However, when that change directly impacts the way they look or how other people may perceive them, it can be a little trickier for them to get used to. Although more children than ever before are wearing glasses, it can still cause apprehension and concern, especially if they think that their new eyewear will cause issues at school. Or perhaps it’s you who is concerned about their confidence being affected?

For adults, choosing new eyewear or a new pair of sunglasses means enjoying the process and taking our time to find the right style, shape and color – for example, check out this website if you’re looking for a new pair of prescription sunglasses. We know that the right eyewear will not only correct our vision and protect our eyes from UV rays but also provide us with confidence, enhance our look and make us more memorable. However, for children, it’s a concept that’s not always easy to understand.

If your child is about to become the unsure owner of a pair of new frames, don’t worry, here we’ll explore some simple ways you can help your child adapt to their new glasses.

Remind them what their frames are for

Just like a pair of sunglasses will protect your vision from the sun, your child’s glasses serve a purpose. They’ll help correct their vision and ensure that they’re not missing out on anything at school, or whilst they’re playing with their friends. So, if they’re having real concerns about wearing their new frames, gently remind them that this new set of eyewear isn’t a punishment, it’s actually going to make their life much easier and they’ll enjoy their favorite activities even more.

Create a new care routine

Some children thrive when they’re given tasks and responsibilities, so the creation of a new care routine involving their glasses could be all it takes for them to enjoy and accept this new experience. Teach them how to look after their glasses properly, make sure they know how and where to store them each night and remember to encourage and congratulate them when they complete their little checklist.

Remind them that glasses are cool!

Some of the most famous people in the world wear glasses and some of the most loved superheroes, cartoon characters and literary favorites also have their own unique and instantly recognizable eyewear. Helping your child associate their new glasses with someone they admire, someone who makes them laugh or someone who they think is cool will certainly make them feel more comfortable about their new glasses.

And finally, let them be part of the choosing process

Buying your child’s frames online means that there is plenty of choice and options to choose from. By keeping them involved in the buying process, they’ll feel less overwhelmed by this huge change and may even be enthused by the idea of wearing glasses. Being able to tell friends and family that they chose the glasses themselves will give them a sense of pride and ownership!

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