How To Ensure A Safe Pregnancy

During pregnancy, every part of your body changes. The growing baby causes some common changes like frequent urination and weight gain. Changes like altered sexual desire and emotional instability are caused by changing hormonal levels. This is why love, affection, and emotional support are critical throughout the pregnancy. It’s important to talk to your friends or family and ask for help.

Keeping a Normal Life

On top of affection and care, pregnancy needs a professional approach. Speak to your doctor about anything you are not sure of. Ask them if it is safe to have sex. Open up to your partner about your thoughts on your sex life. Women react differently to sex during pregnancy — some get more interest while others have less. This shouldn’t be a concern.

Keeping a Healthy Pregnancy

When you have a healthy body, you are improving the chances of your baby being born healthy. Experts recommend that you should take one-a-day multivitamins or prenatal multivitamins to prepare your body for pregnancy. However, you could also benefit from taking these during your pregnancy. You can also take folate, which is a vitamin that helps prevent birth defects. By taking 0.3 mg to 0.7 mg of folate every day during early pregnancy, you can prevent birth defects like anencephaly and spina bifida.

The other thing you need to do is to exercise regularly. There is a wide range of exercises you can do. For example, you can run, ride a bicycle, swim, or do weight lifting. All of these activities are safe — you just have to avoid getting overheated by drinking a lot of water. Regular exercises help keep your body in perfect shape before, during, and after pregnancy.

If you are still struggling to get pregnant, despite taking all the right measures to ensure a safe pregnancy and making your body ready, then you should speak to your doctor. Upon consultation, you might discover the conceiving naturally is not possible. Thanks to advances in medicine, though, couples who consider In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)can still make their dreams of having a family a reality. Optimizing your IVF and sperm health as well as egg quality are important to prepare both of you for pregnancy and provide a higher chance of a healthy baby.

Avoid Alcohol

During your pregnancy, you should avoid alcohol at all costs. This includes wine, beer, liquor, and wine coolers. Alcohol can cause stillbirth, miscarriage, low birth weight, and severe birth defects like fetal alcohol syndrome.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene means getting a minimum of 7-8 hours of high-quality uninterrupted sleep. This isn’t always easy, especially in the late stages of pregnancy. One trick after the six-month mark is to sleep propped up on many pillows or even in a sitting position in order to take the pressure off of your back.


In the pre-industrial era, pregnancy was a downright scary and very risky endeavor. Nowadays, we have access to technology, tools, and perhaps most importantly of all, information. These three factors have put the possibility of having a completely safe and healthy pregnancy directly in your hands in the vast majority of cases.

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