3 Practices Moms Need to Bring Back

No one knows how tough it is to be a mom except a mom, herself. Used to, a mother had the privilege of staying at home. Matter-of-fact, it was expected in most cases. These days, most people, women included view those times as old-fashioned and archaic.

Be that as it may, there are some endearing qualities that were staples in the past because of that archaic set-up. Are we saying every woman should head back to the kitchen, put on a dress and an apron, and cater to her man for the rest of eternity?

No. We are simply stating that there have been a few things lost in translation as history has developed. Below are three of things that should make a comeback. 

Health and Fitness 

Moms have done a great job for the most part of keeping their little ones healthy and fit. It’s when they reach adolescence that we are slacking. The obesity rate among teenagers rose from 5% in 1980 to 21% in 2012. That number has only slightly fallen to 20.6% in 2017.

Let’s shoot straight here for a minute. If we, as moms, don’t rise up and say enough is enough, we are agreeing by negligence that we are ok with our children pursuing a life that will most likely lead them to an early grave. We must lead by example and educate by word, as well.

Instances of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart attacks are happening at a much earlier age. It’s time that we put a little pressure on our loved ones so they can remain our loved ones for decades to come. Would you rather hurt their feelings and help them feel better and live longer or say nothing at all and foster approval of their neglect of self? 


This topic can be a sticky situation. There are many views on how and when to discipline a child. The fact of the matter is, whatever the consensus is is not working and the consensus seems to be that corporal punishment is not helpful and positive reinforcement works better than negative.

However, the truth is each child is different. Have you ever heard someone say, “all my parents had to do was look at me the wrong way and I knew I better behave?” For some children, that’s all it takes. Others work better on a reward system and still, others identify when you take privileges away.

With that said, there are those that do not understand anything else besides a swift swat on the rear end. Whatever the situation, it’s time that we start making the boundaries crystal clear with our children. As much as it hurts us to watch them suffer through the discipline, watching them suffer through preventable life situations that could have been avoided if we had been consistent is much worse. 


Manners are something we all usually learn when we are young. Usually. Today’s society is proof that manners are not as much a priority in the home as they once were. With 7 billion people dotting the planet’s surface, there should be a way to communicate with each other that allows each of us to feel valued even if we are not agreed with, or liked for that matter.

Having manners is that way. Saying please and thank you, making eye contact when we are speaking to someone (phubbing is killing this one,) and things as simple as holding the door for the person behind you allow everyone to know that they are important to society.

It helps them feel as though they are part of the human race. It’s time to get back to that. You never know when a simple “Hi. How are you doing?” might save someone’s life by showing them they are valued.

Being a mom is tough, no doubt and these things may make it a little tougher, but the stability of our nation depends on how we raise our children. Use these tips to be even better than the awesome mom you already are.

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