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Planning To Breast-feed? Style Secrets Moms Swear By

The experience of nourishing your baby properly can be a very special one. You’ll be bonding with your baby, protecting him or her from disease by providing some important antibodies, and providing perfect nutrition that will help your baby to grow up to be strong and healthy. With breast feeding comes some obvious dilemmas, including what to wear to make breast feeding comfortable and as discreet as possible. Lucky for today’s moms, designers have taken the bull by the horns, and come out with some great fashions designed specifically to help ensure that those who choose to breast feed their babies can do so in comfort and style. Let’s take a look at some ways you can continue to look your best while breast feeding your child.

It Starts With the Right Bra

Nursing bras are designed to provide you with comfortable support, while allowing you to easily access your breasts to feed your baby. You’ll find them in soft-cup styles, sports bra styles, and soft tee shirt material, all designed to provide you with comfort and the coverage you need.

When choosing nursing bras, keep in mind that accidents can happen, and that breastfeeding can be a fairly messy proposal. Buy enough bras to keep you going for a few days so you won’t be completely inundated with laundry, and you’ll find that life is a whole lot easier.

Nursing Camis

Nursing camis are a lot like other camisoles, but they have built-in closures on the front straps to allow you to access your breasts without having to pull your shirt up. Experienced moms love the fact that these camis allow you to layer clothing for a stylish appearance, plus they offer cool comfort when you’re at home or spending time outside with your new baby. You’ll find nursing camis are available in a number of attractive colors to complement existing wardrobe pieces.

Belly Bands

Remember those belly bands you swore by at the beginning of your pregnancy? As it turns out, these nifty wardrobe staples can also help you preserve your sense of decency while breast feeding. They give you coverage along your waist and back, so if a shirt slips up while you’re feeding an enthusiastic baby, people don’t get a million-dollar shot of your entire body. Like nursing camisoles, belly bands come in lots of colors that help you add some extra style to your wardrobe.

Nursing Tops and Dresses

Nursing tops typically have crossover designs at the chest, which allow you to discreetly access your breasts so you can feed your baby. These tops come in a wide range of colors and styles, with long sleeves or short sleeves, and in soft, comfortable fabrics that feel great and look fantastic on. Some have built-in belts, cute hoods, and other embellishments that make them even more fun to wear. Nursing dresses are designed much like nursing tops, with wrap designs that look fantastic. You’ll find that many nursing clothes such as dresses double as maternity dresses, so they can be worn before and after the baby arrives.

Nursing Covers

Nursing covers allow you to feed your baby in privacy, no matter where you go. They look very much like aprons, and have extended sides that help keep prying eyes away. You’ll find them available in beautiful designer fabrics that complement your sense of style. Easy to wash and maintain, they fold easily to fit into a diaper bag or tote.

You’ll find that nursing swimwear and even special nursing nightgowns are readily available, so no matter where your day takes you and your baby, feeding can take place in ease and with style. Enjoy this special time in your life – you and your baby deserve the very best.

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