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A sexy new One Piece will Make you look and Feel Great

It sometimes takes a while for culture to catch up to the trend setters. For example, women all over the world have started to embrace their curves and love their bodies and all the shapes and sizes they come in. Thankfully the online shopping revolution is proving to be just as fast in keeping up with trends as the people actually making those waves. And waves themselves are the perfect metaphor because this is nowhere as apparent as within swimsuit fashion world.

Many women are worried about finding flattering and fun one piece swimsuits, but they simply have to look at some of the work of model extraordinaire Tess Holliday to see what’s actually out there. Tess has been one of the most prominent names in plus sized fashion for good reason. Over the years she’s proven time and time again that a larger frame is just that, a perfect body that’s just a bit larger than expected. She’s demonstrated just how fabulous a plus sized body can look in everything from formal wear to a fun top. But it’s often her photo shoots with beachwear that really grab attention. It shows how plus size bathing suitsthat areactually made for different body types can accentuate their best features. For example, it’s often said that real women have curves, and she’s demonstrated just how true and amazing this fact can be. When online swimsuit retailers like swimsuitsforall work to accentuate those features through new and flattering one piece designs, it is hard not to acknowledge the body positive turnaround that Tess Holliday and other have helped to spearhead. Online retailers are offering more and more in the way of trendy swimsuit options, and some even cater exclusively to plus size customers. Because swimsuitsforall has the latest one piece swimsuits, you’ll be able to get lost in the hundreds of styles available in one pieces, to tankinis, and swimdresses, too.

This is also one of the big reasons why nobody should be satisfied with the typically subpar swimsuit selections available at the average brick and mortar store. Retailers in physical locations only have a limited amount of space to sell things. As such, they usually go with items they feel will be the most in demand by their customers — even when that hunch is wrong. For example, fashion designers tend to focus on body types which only represent around 30% of American women — and since more and more plus size women are flocking to online retailers like swimsuitsforall, these retailers can offer their trendy swimsuits for less!

After all, online retailers have the luxury of a showroom as big as the internet itself. Thanks to a lack of overhead, and an abundance of warehouse space, retailers online are able to supply women with swimsuits that actually match their bodies and give them the look they want. The best retailers offer personalized body type calculators to help women know which swimsuits will best accentuate their bodies. This can result in hundreds of different swimsuits for any body type imaginable — and it’s not just about finding a swimsuit that fits your body; it’s about a finding a swimsuit that fits your lifestyle.

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