Margarita Shots For The Modern Mama


Margarita Shots Just For Mama

This recipe has been perfected by my husband after we made a trip to Stowe, Vermont and is the talk of the party when he makes them!

I’ve engineered it a little for the modern day mama and now it is genius because you can serve them in a lime and the best part ~ You only get one glass dirty!

  • Tequila ~ (if your’e spoiled like my husband use Patron Silver!)
  • Orange Flavored Liqueur ~ (again, if spoiled Patron Citronage)
  • Margarita Mix
  • Orange Juice
  • Margarita Salt (optional)
  • Limes

Make a margarita!!

Combine 1 to 2 shots tequila into a pint glass full of ice. The amount is up to your palette. Add 1 shot of orange liqueur. Add margarita mix and mix together. Top with a splash of orange juice. Cut your limes in half and scoop out the pulp (a spoon works really well.) To ensure your limes stand up cut a small circle into the bottom of each lime half (DO NOT CUT THROUGH THE PULP.)

Cut a small circle into bottom of each lime half so it stands up

If you like salt on your margarita pour the salt onto a paper plate and rim the limes by placing them upside down into the salt.

Pour your margarita into each lime half and serve!

Be careful as this is a highly toxic recipe and has been known to knock even the best drinkers down after a few shots!

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