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Surgery Day

Today Reagan is having surgery to have tubes placed in both her ears. She has had fluid building up in them for a long time and unfortunately the only relief she will have is getting tubes. A simple enough procedure that will take all of half hour but still nerve wrecking to say the least. I’m actually writing this post Sunday night because we have to be at the surgery center at 5:45am. God kill me now.

Reagan is such a healthy child and we only found out about her needing tubes because the pediatrician would tell us how infected her ears were when we went on routine check ups. Fortunately she will have some relief and although her hearing is fine now…it will get even better. Maybe now she’ll listen to me more! Yeah right!

So, say a prayer for us. I know it will be fine but as a parent you always worry even if there is no need. That’s what we do right?

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