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A Caring Connection: Activities to Help Parents Bond with Their Kids

Parents will always want to think that there is a natural bond that exists between themselves and their children, but it doesn’t always come naturally and you have to work at the relationship to make that strong connection.

Here is a look at some ways to nurture and strengthen that bond, including some modern ways to share some activities using your phone, plus a suggestion to get the old family photos out, and a tip to head for the kitchen for a great bonding experience.

Setting the tone

It can’t be stressed enough just how important those early months in your child’s life are even though your baby can’t yet communicate effectively with you.

Those first couple of years are all about making that emotional investment and building trust with your child, but even if you struggle to bond as well as you might have hoped during that period, the good news is that you can often catch up at any age later on in their development.

Make the most of technology to bond

It is hard to get your kids to look up from their smartphone screen when they are in their teens but before that period or when you want to try and create a happy memory that you will both remember, there are some opportunities to use that tech to your advantage.

Suggest taking a zany selfie with your child and even have a silly pic contest to see who can come up with the wackiest image on their phone. Your kids will love the fact that you are taking the time to have some foolish fun and it is such a simple and effective way to bond.

Another activity that you can get involved with together is when you download the mandala coloring pages app. Coloring books have an enduring quality and help to create an air of relaxation and collaboration if you are working with your kids to complete a design.

Share some of your childhood memories

Kids are often fascinated to hear about your own childhood memories and see how they compare to their own current experiences.

It is also a great way to spend some quality time with your kids as share stories and show them some old photographs of things that you did when you were their age.

Talking about your own favorite memories with them and even opening up about a time when you got into trouble with your parents, will be an excellent way of making a meaningful connection.

Cooking up a great relationship with your children

Bonding experiences often involve a few happy hours spent in the kitchen giving your kids some life skills that will give them confidence in the kitchen.

Depending on how old your children are, get them involved with some baking and cooking activities, and for the older ones, encourage them to follow your lead and try to recreate your favorite recipe once you have shown them how to do it.

Most of these activities and others like them are often simple things to do with your kids, but investing your time and love into spending quality time with them should help to create that special bond that all parents want to feel and enjoy.

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