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Name Labels & Other Essential Tips to Organise Home Office

In this digital age, working from home is becoming more and more commonplace. But mixing your personal life with business at home may come with some complications; organising work-related documents alongside whatever personal matters you might have to file away is just one area where it can easily get messy.

Using personalised name labels is an excellent way to keep folders and boxes in order, while designating a single space for your office is a good idea if you wish to keep things professional within the home.

If you are like me, you’ll have one main desk with a computer setup, and soon end up use that for everything and making a disruptive mess – by, for example, leaving dirty dishes in your work area after lunch or breakfast. Let’s look through some ways you can easily bring order and structure to your desk.

Organise documents
Get binders or folders and organise all documents depending on which area they belong. This way you will separate and locate different projects, bank statements and bills. Keep a separate filing system for private and work-related documents.

Use labels
Use name labels for everything: folders, binders, drawers and containers. Mark the contents, and add relevant information such as dates, clients and the like. This gives at-a-glance access to that area of information.

Designate an office space
Just sitting at the designated spot in your home can help productivity, as you’ll let everyone know that you are working when sitting there. Randomly switching places with your laptop may be seen as a signal from other family member that it’s ok to strike up a conversation. This also gives you an opportunity to organise files, folders and office equipment close to your workspace.

Avoid clutter
Using cable ties and other such devices to group up cables, gives an impression of less clutter around your desk. Also keeping office supplies in dedicated containers and drawers will give your area a clean look. It’s been proven that having a clean desk can increase productivity.

Tidy up every day
Continuing the point above, it’s beneficial to do a quick clean up after every work day. Put documents in their right place and remove any cups or plates that have accumulated during the day. Start every morning fresh by keep it clean.

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