5 Great Careers for Moms

Choosing to return to work after having children is a tough decision, but it is one that more and more women are making. It can be exceptionally difficult juggling work and family commitments and still finding a little time for yourself, especially if your children are at different schools or childcare providers and you need to do two sets of pickups and drop offs. One of the best ways to cope is to find a career that you love which offers fantastic flexibility and support. Here is a look at five of the best.


Some healthcare careers will require total flexibility and may mean long hours or you needing to always be on call. But, others are great for parents and offer incredible levels of flexibility. A career in healthcare management, administration or practice management could be ideal. While you will require further study to get started, if you worked in the healthcare industry before having children all you’ll need is to complete an online MHA degree from Ohio University.


Teaching is a profession that offers fantastic hours, great flexibility, and amazing holidays, all of which will suit your children’s schedule once they start school themselves. If you love the idea of these perks but don’t fancy teaching, look at other school roles such as:

  • Catering
  • Administration
  • Counseling
  • Working as a classroom assistant
  • Office management

These all offer fulfilling work in a rewarding setting.


Many mom’s think about starting their own childcare business when they’ve had their own children. Working as a childminder allows you to work from home and set your own hours, fees, and holiday times. You’d have total flexibility and could always be there for your own children. This is becoming a very competitive market so make sure you advertise your skills well and that your home is a suitable location for groups of young children to spend their days.


You could find freelance work as a writer, photographer, or designer among other things. It can be hard to find clients as a new freelancer, so be sure to advertise, apply for suitable jobs, and build a great portfolio of sample pieces. Freelancing means you take work when you want to, do jobs that interest you, and set your own hours around your family. It’s a wonderful option for many moms.


Marketing is becoming an increasingly popular career choice for women. In part, this is because it suits their natural creativity and logical minds, but also because it offers fantastic levels of flexibility. Working either freelance or for a firm, you would have to be on site for meetings and presentations, but could do most of your day-to-day work from home.

Working around your family commitments doesn’t have to be stressful. It can even be something that you enjoy as it gives you a chance to be yourself away from your children. All you need is to find a great job in a supportive and caring industry. If you need any qualifications to get started check out where you can study courses like an MHA degree online around your family’s needs.

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