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How Health IT is Improving Public Health

Health Information Technology (Health IT) has really changed the way that healthcare providers operate.  However, in addition to making their work more streamlined, it’s also helping the general public as well.  As the infographic below shows, social media networks are helping people to lose weight, quit smoking, and give up illegal drugs.  Telehealth is also helping women in remote locations who are pregnant.  Although some kind of care was available before this technology, it often wasn’t enough.

As more and more locations begin to make use of electronic health records, more trends will be revealed that will help healthcare providers.  Analyzing this data will help to improve the population’s health as a whole.  It really will be interesting to see what happens in the future.  Those really interested in the industry should consider an online MSHI degree.

University of Cincinnati

This infographic was created by http://mshi.uc.edu/.

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