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Tips For Getting Your Child To Sleep Earlier

For many parents, nighttime is a struggle at the end of the day.  While tired parents are ready to put their little ones to bed and get some sleep after a long day, their kids have something else in mind.

In some cases, bedtime becomes a full-fledged power struggle with screaming, tears, and arguing.  Parents are run so ragged by the end of their bedtime routine that they feel more exhausted than ever.

If you’re ready to have a more peaceful nighttime experience and help ease your kids into a good night’s sleep then here are some of the best tips. 

Limit Screen Time Before Bed

Even though it may seem innocent to let your kids play video games or watch videos on their tablet for a while before bedtime, it may be working against your cause.

Bright colors, lights, and sounds are actually stimulating your child’s brain rather than getting them into a sleepy state.

Try to end any screen time at least one hour before bed.  Encourage your children to read a book or engage in a calm activity with them.  They’ll start to feel sleepy rather than energized. 

Cut The Sugar

Most parents know that it’s probably not a good idea to give your child loads of candy before bedtime.  However, what a lot of people don’t know is that sugar is hidden in all sorts of places other than just candy.

You may be giving your child more sugar than you think before bedtime which is causing them to feel wired and incapable of winding down.

Juices, yogurts, and even sauces can pack serious amounts of sugars.  Be sure to check nutrition labels and familiarize yourself with how much sugar your family is actually consuming. 

Tire Them Out

Many kids have a tough time getting sleepy because they haven’t gotten enough physical activity.  Enrolling them in an extracurricular activity like a sport can be a great way to exhaust them and get them ready to go to bed at the end of the day.

Start a Sticker Reward Chart

If you have a child who is particularly difficult at bedtime despite all of the efforts that you make, it may be time to start incorporating a sticker chart.

Each time that they go to bed without hassle, drama, or resistance, they get a new sticker.  When their sticker chart is full, they get a reward.  A reward for their good behavior can be anything from a new toy to a special privilege.

Positive reinforcement can be much more effective than any kind of discipline since it gives your child an incentive.  They will also feel a great sense of pride knowing that they earned their reward thought positive behavior.

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