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4 Tips For Baby-Proofing Your Home

When you first bring a baby home, your house is still in order, you have fragile things on shelves, and your cupboards are full of whatever cleaning supplies that you need without any sort of worry in the world about who might get to it.  Since your baby is initially immobile, there is no reason to worry.

However, once they start crawling, and eventually walking, you will quickly start to realize that it’s important to take the proper measures in order to ensure that they don’t get themselves hurt.  If you haven’t had a little once in the house before and this is your first time around, here is what you will need once they start moving around. 

Cupboard Locks

Your babies will soon start to become more and more curious.  The cupboards will become marvelous wonderlands full of all the textures and objects that their little hearts desire.  If you don’t look closely you could easily have flour all over your floor, rice in every crevice, or worse, they could get into a dangerous product like bleach.

It’s important to make sure that you keep them out of these danger zones by installing cupboard locks which come in a variety of different styles.  Places like Amazon are a great place to look and can conveniently be delivered without even having to leave the house. 

Corner Guards

Since not all tables come rounded, it’s important to watch out for bumps and nicks on your baby’s head from the corners of tables.  As they are first learning to walk it can be common for them to trip and slam against a sharp edge.

Buying rubber corner guards for all of your corners at head level are a great way to minimize a potential trip to the hospital for stitches.

Baby Gates

Installing baby gates at all entrances which lead to dangerous rooms or stairs is essential once your baby is on the move.

Don’t make the mistake of believing as long as you are vigilant you can avoid them falling down stairs.  All it takes is a few seconds out of your eyesight for something to go wrong.  Rather than take the risk, opt for baby gates to block entryways. 

Door Stops

As your baby gets more curious around the house they will start to become interested in closing and opening doors.

This can often result in smashed fingers or even worse injuries which require surgery.  Getting rubber or foam door stops which block the door from closing all the way will ensure that your baby won’t injure themselves.

It’s best to get several of these for every door in the house rather than just one.  It’s always better safe than sorry.

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