Fresh Air Fun: Eye Opening Reasons to Buy a Drone for Your Child

If one kid on the block gets a drone, pretty soon, everyone else wants one. If your kid is hankering after a drone and you aren’t very sure, the first thing you should remember is that flying a drone requires your kid to get out of the house and have some healthy fun outside. It’s what every parent wants, but has never been able to achieve. This alone should be reason enough to get your kid a drone; if you’re still not convinced, here are more great things that can happen once your kid has his hands on a little flying machine.

Your kid will be ready for the future

Drones aren’t just toys. Powerful models are at work all over the world in security and law enforcement, journalism, disaster relief, filmmaking, agriculture and dozens of other areas. With the field being as young as it is today, it can be hard to predict how much great drone flying skills will help in the future. It’s pretty certain that flying drones will be a basic skill to have not long from now, however. Your kid will benefit from the head start.

There’s lots of physics to learn

Flying a quadcopter or similar craft may be effortless enough; buy your kid a fixed-wing drone, however, and there’s some serious physics to learn. These winged propeller-powered drones fly like regular aircraft and require all kinds of care and knowledge to operate. Your kid will need to think about things like angle of attack, wind speed and air pressure flying the craft, and it can be a great education. Your kid could even parlay his skill into a career in flying or aeronautics at some point. Physical skills such as these are best learned at a young age.

There are remarkable experiences waiting

A drone with a camera is more than just a fun toy. It allows you to virtually take off yourself. You can see everything that the camera sees, which means that it’s easy to imagine that you’re flying yourself. When your kid has this power, all kinds of new explorations become possible. A close-up view of a bird’s nest on a treetop, a look at what a mountaintop looks like, a chance to explore the inside of a cave — the possibilities are endless.

You need to think of few things before you go ahead

Flying drones isn’t safe for children under 10. There are rules to follow, and violating them can be trouble. For instance, flying a drone into a neighbor’s home could result in a lawsuit. Being careless and flying a craft into an oncoming car or into a pedestrian could come with consequences, as well.

Your kid’s first drone should be a tiny, low-speed unit one with rotors that spin slowly. This way, if the drone flies into someone, there will be no injury caused.

It’s best to buy a drone made of ABS plastic, rather than fiberglass or metal. This way, if there is a little crash, there is little damage to the craft or to anyone else.

There are drones with cameras inbuilt and ones without them. It’s best to choose a camera model, because, it can turn into your kid’s eye in the sky. Some of the best photography drones, come in at $50.

If you’re ready to buy, you should go right ahead. It’s even possible that your kid will take an interest in the lively racing scene that nearly every city has now for drone owners. There are huge dollar purses to win.

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