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How to Find the Perfect Maid

Not everyone has enough time to clean and maintain their house. Some of us work long hours and have other commitments. When this happens, the best thing is to hire a maid rather than watch your house descend into chaos.

But, getting a maid isn’t as straightforward as you would think. How do you know if they suit you or even if they’re trustworthy? After all, you’re going to be letting them inside your home without supervision.

I’ve used maids in the past when I’ve moved around different countries with work. I’m going to share with you some tips on how to find the perfect maid.

How to Search for a Maid:

There are several options available to you that can help you find the perfect maid. You can search online or contact a domestic staff agency who will help find someone on your behalf for a small fee.

Another great way to find someone reliable is by using word of mouth. If a friend recommends them, it means that they’re far more likely to be reliable. This is how I found a maid throughout my time working in Asia, which is imperative when you can’t speak to local dialect.

How to Choose the Perfect Maid:

Regardless of how you find them, you want to start off with around three candidates. From experience, some maids are just downright awful and a local referral may very well be a friend of the family for favours.

Invite each to your home on separate occasions to discuss the position. Talk about their background and cleaning experience and how much they want to get paid. You should also ask them to estimate how long it takes to finish. Better maids can give good estimates of how long and can tell you in advance exactly what they will do.

After talking to each, follow your gut instinct. Hire them on a trial period and make it clear that if the work isn’t up to your standard, you’ll find someone else.

What Happens After Hiring the Maid?

Until you’ve established a working relationship, make sure that they turn up on time and inspect afterwards. If you’re unable to do it in person, ask a friend or family to nip over and check that they actually come and leave when they say they do.

After a few weeks, everyone falls into a routine. When you’re on good terms with each other, I find that everything starts to run smoothly.

Be Ethical:

This isn’t so much a problem in the UK, but in other countries it is. Some people like to treat their maids as inferior because they pay them to clean the house. Never do this. You’re not superior and you don’t have the right to treat them poorly. And are they really going to commit to helping you 100% if you’re not nice to them? A small bonus can go a long way.

The Takeaway Message:

Finding and hiring the perfect maid can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re short on time. But, follow my tips here and you’ll be happy with your maid in a just a few weeks.

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