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5 books that will help you embrace an easier living after divorce.

Marriage break-ups can subject anyone to a very lonely experience especially if one depended on his or her ex-partner for most of his or her emotional support or needs. After the break-up, your well-wishing friends will try their best to help you create a comfort zone so that you may get over the breakup tragedy but their moral support might not ultimately nourish your break-up weird feelings. This is due to the fact that you will eventually need much more advice from the persons who have shared the same cup with you and they happened to emerge successfully. This is because they are the only individuals who understand what you are actually going through.

Re-visiting your bookshelf will actually be one of the most helpful ways that will make the things that are overwhelming you suck a little bit less. It will also help you and make you embrace the sense of everything that is happening to your life at that particular moment. There are a good number of reading materials that will change the thought that you have over your heartbreak and the pain which will seem unprecedented in the entire history of the whole world.

Here are the best 5 amazing books that will actually relate to your feelings, regardless of what you are interested in reading. It does not matter whether you are a fun of memoirs, self-help, or somehow looking for something funny to help you ease your mind and thoughts of things, you should actually check these titles out simply because they are aimed at giving you an extra boost at the exact moment when you need them the most.

  1. Aftermath: On Marriage and Separation. by Rachel Cusk

This is one kind of a book that Rachel wrote to her readers with an objective of taking them by the hand through their most bitter and worst parts of their heartbreaks from a divorce. Cusk did undergo through a very tormenting moment immediately after her marriage broke and therefore she writes an unflinching analysis of her first year after separation and how she emerged victorious after it all. She tells the story of how she had to bake ludicrous cakes as she felt lonely during a carol concert and at the same time getting a lodger just to help her meet the missing half part of the mortgage and everything else that did fall under her scrutiny. This book really recreates a new alien feel of the world after any divorce.

  1. Heartburn, by Nora Ephron

This has been depicted to be the best book on marriage break-up ever. It happens to be an autobiographical novel with clear and precise clarifications of what happens when the victim of divorce, who is seven months pregnant, discovers that her husband has already fallen in love with someone else, and she had to get a divorce mediator. The entire story makes this book the most significant reading for divorced romantics. Nora, the author, through out the novel, she manages to capture the feeling that exists when one falls in love while understanding the risks accrued to it, and later gets burned away.

  1. Stag’s Leap, by Sharon Olds

During those moments when memoirs and self-help fail to provide the desired comfort, Sharon award-winning collection of poems eventually steps in. According to her writings, simple and moving becomes an everlasting powerful tool and response that concludes a long cherished and adored marriage. The collection of poems in this book together with their rhythms provides a healing pattern to the reader since they transform and elucidate the experience posed by divorce from a split to a final rigid conclusion.

  1. The Divorce Diet, by Ellen Hawley

In this book, the main character happens to be blessed with a baby and at the same time she gets dumped by her husband. She later moves back to live with her parents. The novel is all about realization of what you love after divorce knocks on your doors. With inspirations and a great deal of advises, these tales of an escapist will offer inspirations that will help you find your most predetermined passion after divorce as you embrace your silver lining of getting back to your folks.

  1. Split, by Suzanne Finnamore

This novel has been structured referencing the four stages of loss. Suzanne’s divorce began in her kitchen at the time her one year old son was still sleeping. The events that follow from that particular instance are practical funny guides to divorce. They include clarifications of the individuals who can be termed as the best allies and who can really support you, and at the same time help you get through a break up.

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