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Some Top Tips for Overhead Garage Storage

You don’t have to be a hoarder to fill up every available storage space in your house with things that need saving. From clothing to seasonal gear, to gardening equipment, to paint cans, to tools for home renovation and maintenance, and more, you’re going to need a place to put all your stuff.

Maybe every available square footage of your garage is already fully occupied with stuff too. Maybe it’s so filled up that you hardly have room to park your vehicle or vehicles. If that’s the case, you’re not entirely out of luck. For a solution to this problem, all you need to do is look up.

Overhead storage racks like those available from USA garage storage are not just the right answer to your storage problems; they may, in fact, be the only solution left for storing those items that absolutely cannot be tossed out or sold in a garage sale.

According to a new article, not all overhead garage rack systems are created equal, which means some are better than others. However, all models will help you keep your materials and equipment free from water damage or stains in any season.

That said, here are some tips for finding the right overhead garagestorage solution for you and your stuff.

The Fleximount 4 x 8Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Said to be a very good adjustable ceiling garage storage rack, it is engineered with certain features that give it the edge over some of its competitors. With its dimensions engineered at 96”L X 48” W X 40” H, this storage rack can handle a good amount of stuff.

It also comes equipped with a 22″ to 40″ drop-down that is said to provide 105 cups. Ft of additional storage space. The rack is outfitted with ceiling brackets that you attach to two ceiling studs alongside a half dozen posts to ensure security and safety.

Due to its heavy-duty rolled steel construction, you can store up to 600 pounds of materials and tools on this rack. If you’re a DIY person, the overhead rack comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions.

The NL Heavy Duty 4ft x 8ft Overhead Garage Storage Ceiling Rack

Another good choice is the NL Heavy Duty Garage Storage Rack. Said to be available wherever storage racks are sold, this rack is constructed from heavy-duty powder-coated steel. That means it can handle up to half a ton of stuff.

You have the option of adjusting the height between 19 and 35 inches. You can adjust the length from 4ft to 8ft., offering you “optimum storage space.” It’s also engineered with two center legs for a total of six legs for additional sturdiness. Installation is said to be fairly straightforward, also.

The Fleximount 3 X 6 Overhead Garage Storage Racks

Said to be adjustable and engineered with an east-to-assemble “integrated grid design,” this overhead storage rack is more stable and studier than most other storage systems. Its heavy-duty cold-rolled 14-gauge steel construction is able to safely hold up to 600 pounds of equipment and materials.

Even its hardware and screws have gone through rigorous testing. Its universal compatibility allows for attachment to odd joist spacing while its dimensions measure 92” L X 48” W X 22-40” H.

If you install this overhead rack system in your garage, you can guarantee your expensive tools and equipment will not get wet.

The SafeRack 4×8 – 2 Rack Package with Accessories Hook

The SafeRack system is said to be designed to assist you with managing all that wasted space inside your garage. It’s also strong, which means it’s able to hold up to 600 pounds of materials and equipment.

It contains a customizable ceiling drop that can be adjusted at will from 24” to 45”. Constructed of industrial steel, this is a durable overhead rack storage system that will allow you to store your must-save materials and equipment without taking up a whole lot of space in your garage.

The Suncast Wire Ceiling Storage Basket

This simple and more lightweight ceiling storage basket system is said to be an excellent choice for storing items that aren’t so heavy. The basket is easy to install on your own, both in dry wood or directly in the wood studs.

The ceiling storage basket can hold up to 250 pounds of materials. Its 45″ X 5″ X 27″ design makes it a unique, lightweight, and inexpensive garage storage option. It will also keep your stuff dry and protected in any season.

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