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Top Tips for Converting Your Attic

Traditionally, the attic is used for storage purposes in the home, but if you’re attic is free from boxes and junk, perhaps you can find another use for it. A lot of people choose to convert their attics into additional rooms in properties, as this can help to add value to it. Whether you’re a landlord trying to make room for one more tenant, or a homeowner who wants a study space or is expanding their family, an attic conversion could be a great option for you. Here are some useful tips to help you achieve this.

Check the Flooring

If you’re going to turn your attic into another room, first, you must make sure that the flooring is stable and secure. A lot of these spaces don’t have finished floors, and instead have loose planks over timber beams. Of course, this would be very dangerous to walk on; therefore, check if your attic floors need finishing properly before you start any renovation work.


It’s always worth having your attic properly insulated to avoid loss of heat and high energy bills, but if you’re going to be turning yours into another room, then it’s necessary to do this. A deep-clean should be carried out too, as pests usually like to nest in these spaces. Turn to specialists like Attic Project Services who can provide attic cleanup and insulation together.

Install Windows

It doesn’t matter how great the lights you get installed are in the attic; nothing can compare to invigorating natural light. If your attic is going to be converted into a bedroom, study, or anything else, you need to look into having some windows put in if there aren’t any already in place. Skylights are a popular choice or ones that are specifically designed to fit into sloping rooftops.


You might already have a separate entrance and staircase that leads to your attic, but other homes only have a pulldown ladder from a hatch in the ceiling. If your home has the latter, you might want to consider having a staircase built to access this room instead. While using the ladder is still acceptable, a staircase would be suitable for more people, such as the elderly or younger children, to use with ease. It could also improve the appearance of your conversion, provided you had enough space to have this additional work done.

Redecorate and Furnish

Once you have the main structural features completed, you will need to plaster over for a smooth finish to redecorate properly. When it comes to furnishing your atticconversion, make sure you’re considering height restrictions and how to best utilize the space. With a sloped ceiling, a large wardrobe is unlikely to fit. Instead, consider choosing smaller dressers or clothing rails that will be more compact. You should also think of good storage solutions that will help reduce clutter and fit into smaller areas with ease. If done properly, an attic conversion can be a wonderful addition to a property and worth the investment. If you’re looking to expand your living space or add value to your home, this type of home renovation work is a good place to start.

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