4 Back to School Fashion Tips

The back-to-school season comes with a fashion challenge for parents. The clothes that your kids had last term may not fit in the new term. Hence, a new term always means another shopping trip. Perhaps the greatest challenge for parents is the ever-changing tastes and preferences in kids. You can pick all the clothes for your toddler but school-going kids have their own likes and tastes. Your kids’ preferences will change overnight because they want to keep up with their friends or the latest fashions. Here are some fashion tips to help you pick kids’ clothes for the new term.

1. Go Shopping with the Kids

Many parents dread going to the malls with their kids. The shopping trip takes all day and parents end up spending more than they have budgeted. However, if you do not involve your kid in the process, you will pick clothes that will lie in their closet throughout the term. Let the kids pick the clothes that they like within your budget. Gucci Kids has a wide collection of kid’s clothes for all ages and seasons. Buy clothes from such stores where your kids will find items that fit their likes and tastes.

2. Pick Comfortable and Durable Clothes

Consider your child’s comfort when picking clothes. If an item scratches or does not fit properly, your child will not wear it a second time. Kids prefer clothes that allow them to play comfortably. Ensure the fabric is comfortable on the skin in all weather conditions and remove the tags. Consider the washing requirements as well. Go for durable fabrics when picking children’s clothes. Sometimes kids insist on wearing their favorite outfit over and over again. The fabric may wear out and fade because of the frequent washing.

3. Consider the Store’s Return Policy

You may not always take your kids on every shopping trip. If you keep up with their tastes and preferences, you can probably pick some items for them. However, some items may not fit as you expected. Your child may also refuse to wear an expensive piece even if they liked it the previous night. You can return such items or exchange them depending on the stores’ return policies. Consider shopping in stores that allow you to return clothes after a day or two as long as the item is still in ‘as new’ condition.

4. Have Fun

Every new season comes with new fashion items for kids. Sometimes children do not know what they like until they see it. Instead of worrying about tantrums at the shopping malls, make the shopping trips fun. Try different colors, fabrics, accessories, and styles on your kids within your budget. Encourage your children to try new styles and explore new colors. Turn shopping trips into learning experiences for your kids. Teach them how to pair clothes with accessories. You will enjoy the shopping experience if you maintain a positive attitude.


You do not have worry about unused clothes and accessories in your kids’ wardrobes if you allow them to pick their clothes. Your favorite items may not fit their style. Find creative ways to make the shopping experience exciting and explore different collections. Prioritize comfort when picking fabrics and choose durable fabrics. Remember that kids outgrow clothes pretty quickly, and their tastes can literally change overnight. It is advisable to take several shopping trips throughout the term instead of doing one big clothes shop at the beginning of the school year.

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