Top Tips for Returning to Work after Children

Women aren’t expected to stay at home to look after children as much as they once were. You’ve got choices. You can stay home, work from home, work full-time, work part-time, or work flexible hours in whichever combination suits your needs. Returning to work can be a difficult decision, but a lot of women do it. So, whether you’re returning for financial reasons, independence, or because you enjoy working, here are some great tips to help.

Consider Your Options

It isn’t as simple as deciding whether to go to work or stay at home. There is a lot of room in between. Speak to your family and your employer if you’re returning to the same job and work out what you want. Many employers now offer flexible working arrangements so you could be able to work out a routine to suit everyone. Make sure you are clear about your needs in these discussions so there are no misunderstandings, which could lead to confusion later.

Take a Course

Taking a course such as an online GIST degree is a great way to prepare for returning to work. If you work in the geography sector, this degree is a perfect way to brush up on your skills and make sure your knowledge is up to date. But, even studying a course unrelated to your career can be exceptionally useful. Study something you feel passionate about. You’ll learn a lot, get used to fitting things around family, improve your organizational skills, and help yourself to feel more motivated for the future. If an online GIST program is something you could be interested in, apply today at the University of Southern California.

Find Great Childcare

Great childcare means someone you trust is available at the hours you need, has fantastic resources and plans for your child, and is in a convenient location. There are a lot of options when it comes to childcare. They include nannies, a nursery, a childminder, and family members, so take your time and meet with a few before deciding.

Prepare Slowly

Don’t rush in and just start work one morning. Prepare yourself and your family for the change. Let the children have a few days settling into childcare while you do something on your own. Try to get everyone used to a routine and prepare everything you need for work. Make the transition slow and smooth.


Sit down with your partner or any support you have and plan. Which days are you working? Who’s dropping the kids off? How are you getting there? What time do you need to leave? Who is doing the pick-ups? Next, do a test run to make sure it’s all possible, making sure to factor in things like traffic and late public transport. Plan for the days it goes wrong or someone is sick. Being prepared for everything will make your working life much easier to balance.

It is going to be a big adjustment for you and your family so take things slowly and give everyone a chance to settle. But, know that while some women love returning to work it isn’t for everyone and you will always have to option to make changes further down the line. Good luck, and well done for making the decision to try.

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