Gift Ideas for a Housewarming

Whether it’s for an occasion like graduation or Christmas, giving gifts to those that you know and love is a wonderful way to show your appreciation – and creative side – to them. The same also applies to providing presents to those that have just moved house.

With that said, choosing a housewarming gift requires a little bit of care and attention. When people are fresh from moving, and after they have lugged all of their possessions from one place to another, they perhaps wouldn’t be the most grateful of furniture or large-type items. After all, they might get scary flashbacks to when they were recently packing and transporting similar bulky/awkward belongings!

Now that you know to avoid ‘big’ items, read on for some top tips as to what gift to contribute towards a housewarming.

Personalized objects

Getting a gift that is designed specifically is always going to be warmly received by recipients. The problem, however, is picking an item that they would appreciate. For instance, they might not have any passion for gardening, so opting for a personalized pot planter is ill-advised. Think along the lines of going for a custom doormat, pillow or canvas print. Make sure your gift caters to their tastes and hobbies.

Luxury towels

Sometimes, the more obvious answer is the best one for the question. So while towels might seem redundant as a gift, you could be surprised by the reception they’d receive. In fact, you would be surprised by how many people stick with just basic towels that offer little quality. With that in mind, search around for a place that sells luxury towels – a top option is threel.co.uk – and give them a deserved (and welcomed) upgrade.

A fancy bottle of alcohol

As long as they’re not underage, a bottle of alcohol is a popular gift of choice for nearly every occasion. Not only is it enjoyed by many, but it is also one of those items where you don’t have to worry about if somebody already owns it – even if they do, each bottle will be enjoyed to an equal degree! As for what type of alcohol to go with, this depends on who you’re giving the bottle to and their preferences. That said, a bottle of fancy wine is usually a safe bet.

Practical kitchen utensils

When it comes to the kitchen, essentially anyone would welcome something that makes prepping and cooking all that much more convenient. So with that in mind, consider purchasing a kitchen gadget that speeds up a certain kitchen-related process – the more relatable to the taste buds of the recipient, the better.

Failing that, choosing a traditional option like a well-made chopping board or new knife set could also be well-received.

A nifty piece of tech

We all rely on technology more than ever, so it would make sense to base your gift around technology. While the recipient no doubt has standard stuff such as a mobile device or music player, you could go down the path towards tech that is less common. For example, you could go with a video doorbell, automatic pet feeder or wireless charger – cool and contemporary items that also offer a useful practicality.

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