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Holidaying in New York? Here’s What You Have to Try

New York is probably top of the holiday wish list for many hundreds of thousands of people around the world. So, if you can get the chance to go, deciding what to do can be a nightmare. You want to see all the sites from your favorite movies and TV shows, but you also want to experience the city in the most authentic way you possibly can. You should also take advantage of the vibrant nightlife, the gorgeous restaurants, and the buzzing sports scene. Holidaying in New York is a personal affair: you can have so many different holidays in the same city. Whether you want to spend your time partying and shopping, or sight-seeing and relaxing, there’s something for everyone.

  1. The sports

New York is home to some of the most famous sports teams in the world: the New York Knicks and the New York Yankees to name but a few. So, you should really try to put a sports game on your list of things to see. Whether it’s baseball, basketball or ice hockey, you’ll have an amazing time – even if it’s not a sport you usually follow. If you want to have a go at a sport while you’re away, then head down to the water. From surfing to riding a motorized board, Jet Surf has much on offer, depending on what your abilities are, and how much of an adrenaline thrill you want.

  1. Sight-seeing

Whether you’re interested in iconic movie landmarks or historic buildings, New York has an incredible number of tours to guide you around the most famous sites. From Friend’s Central Perk to Ghostbusters, you can relive your favorite scenes. Or, you can explore New York’s incredible history: take a boat out into the harbor, and get the full effect of the Statue of Liberty, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, or spend hours in the numerous museums around the city. Regardless of where your interests lie, you’ll be able to find a tour or area to explore.

  1. Shopping

If you’re a retail therapy addict, then you’ll certainly get your fix by visiting New York. From high street brands to high fashion, you’ll be able to shop until you drop. Make sure you tick the big ones off your list: Saks, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Barneys. These world-famous stores are worth visiting just for the sheer size and scale of them. Even if you’re not a shopaholic, hopefully, you’ll enjoy visiting some of New York’s most iconic buildings.

  1. Arts and culture

New York is a vibrant hub of arts and culture, being home to some of the world’s most talented authors, film-makers, artists and musicians. Experience everything from the underground bars and classy cocktail clubs, to the open-air Shakespeare recitals and the midnight film screenings. Explore Brooklyn and its creative, arty atmosphere, and don’t forget to soak up the numerous art galleries and bookstores.

  1. Food

Now, the most important part. Wherever you go in New York, you’ll be witness to some of the craziest, most delicious foods on earth. Whatever your budget and whatever you fancy, you’ll find something that ticks every box.

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