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Kids Don’t Own a Skateboard? Alternative Ways for Kids to Skate at a Skatepark

There is no reason why a child can’t go along to a skatepark without a skateboard. Fortunately, the parks are often open to different types of skating sports, which will allow your child to improve their skills and socialize with like-minded children. Read about the alternative ways for kids to skate at a skatepark.


If your child loves to spend their days on a scooter, why not take them along to a skatepark to test and improve their skills? They will have fun riding up and down a skate ramp, and could maybe even test a few jumps once they have found their confidence. However, as with any action sport, ensure they wear the appropriate protective wear to avoid accidents or injuries.


Heelys are a classic skate which has remained cool ever since their 00s roots were established ten years ago. It’s a great for kids to embrace their alternative style, while improving their skating skills on a ramp. With different styles to choose from, there’s bound to be a one or two-wheel option to suit both their needs and taste so that they will feel right at home at a skate park. View the range of kids Heelys today.

Aggressive Inline Skating

Has your kid moved from roller skates to inline skates? Encourage them to develop their skating talents at a skatepark. It’s an effective way to build on their skating confidence, and they may learn aggressive inline skating tips from other children, so they will spend many an hour exercising, having fun and making new friends in a safe environment.


Any child who loves to cycle should hit a skatepark. Invest in a BMX they will love, so they can tackle small jumps and ramps, and build up their confidence to bigger obstacles and heights with each passing year. BMXing is one sport that will allow a child not only to increase their fitness but to develop a passion. They will love to learn new tips and tricks from other BMXers, who could become their lifelong friends and make them feel a part of a community.

Balance Boards

The whole world seemingly wants to own a balance board to get from A to B. Yet, it is important they are used in a safe environment. If your child is desperate for a balance board, buy them one on the condition they use it at a safe skate park, as it is a great place for beginners to practice. Again, invest in protective wear, such as a helmet or knee pads, to ensure they are protected should they slip or fall.


Not every child will have the confidence to skate at first, which is why there is no reason for your child not to spectate until they feel ready to join. It could help your son or daughter build up the confidence to pick up a skateboard, a pair of Heelys or a BMX while helping them to identify what type of skating they would like to enjoy.

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