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Best US Vacation Spots to Take an Active Baby

It’s quite likely that you’ve always favored travel, but felt like having a child meant that you couldn’t do it anymore. There’s no need to hold your wanderlust inside because more and more hotels and resorts are catering to parents and making their premises kid-friendly and/or baby-friendly.

One of the best things about babies is that they’re quite light to carry and when packing the right baby gear, they’re portable too! Airlines don’t charge for their seat and hotels usually can supply a baby cot for sleeping.

Here are some of the best US vacation places when you’re a parent with a baby.

Out on the Farm

Small kids and babies find farm animals fascinating. Kids can feed the animals safely and the baby can point in amusement as the farm animals move around in the distance. There are a number of family-friendly farms which are extremely welcoming to families and understand their requirements well.

Farm stays are possible in well-equipped locations set up to house groups and families with kids or a young baby. As a special treat, feeding the little baby animals who are only a few weeks’ old themselves is often easy to arrange with the managers. Food tends to be catered, but basic. A wood fire to roast some s’mores and relaxing in the evening rounds out the experience.

Mountains and Clean Air

The mountain ranges in Jefferson, Vermont provide the backdrop for a family-based adventure. The Smugglers’ Notch Resort is set up with the Treasures Child Care Center that has special programs catering to the under 16 months, 17 months to 2.5 years, and the over 2’s. There’s even a ski training program in the winter for kids over 3.

The resort has pint-sized pools for some playful splashing around and a huge FunZone family center that’s indoors and well managed. There’s even sing-along events and evening story time for wide-eyed kids who aren’t ready to go to sleep just yet. Sweet.

Rocking Horse Ranch

The Rocking Horse Ranch in New York is a resort with over a hundred activities both indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s the Big Splash waterpark, the playground designed for babies and bigger toddlers, wagon rides for kids over 2, or tubing for toddlers, there’s much to do for small kids and babies too.

This all-inclusive resort has childcare facilities for kids under 48 months with a nursery, babysitting in the room, and special meals to address any allergies. A lot of thought has gone into creating a family vacation spot that supports parents with kids of different ages.

While in New York, it may be possible to squeeze in a show, a concert or a sporting event. There’s so many choices for what to see and do. The kids can be well taken care of in the child care nursery and with a babysitter while their parents enjoy a special event. Purchasing event tickets can be a challenge, but it’s possible to find good seats when looking online.

There are some excellent choices for vacations that are set up to support parents bringing their kids with them. When booking a vacation with these types of resorts, it really sets the mind at ease.

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