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Safe and Secure Ways To Let Your Kids Get Into and Out of Your Home

If you have school-age children, and you aren’t always at home as the head of the household, at some point, you’ll have to figure out how to determine safe ways for them to get in and out of the house. Depending on their age level, their maturity, and their sense of responsibility, there are several different options that you have. Obviously, whenever no one is at the house, you have to keep it locked up. So what ways to give your kids of getting in and out?

A few options include going to the garage, using a hidden key, using new cell phone technology that’s coming out to open doors, or, if they are too young to handle those things, you can schedule another adult to let them in.

Through the Garage 

If you have a garage with a door opener, you can give your kids the opening device. They don’t even necessarily have to have a car. Just the little clicker can be a great easy entry and exit tool for them. Especially for kids around middle school age, this is a great way for you to organize them to be able to get in and out without an actual key to the home.

With a Hidden Key 

Some households prefer to hide a house key somewhere. Just make sure that it’s not somewhere obvious, and that no one can see your kids when they are unhiding it to use it. Remember, the object here is to be safe and secure. The purpose is not to make it easy for some robber or thief to decipher how to get into your home using the key you have hidden in plain sight. Be smart about it, and it’s a great option. Don’t pay attention to your hiding process, and it could end badly.

Cell Phone Technology 

New cell phone technology can be combined with door locks so that kids can open the front door with their mobile device. Sometimes this is with a proximity sensor. Other times there is a code that you have to punch in. Plus, with some cell phone software, you can remotely unlock the door if you communicate with your kids where they’re going to be.

By Having Another Adult With Them

Finally, if you don’t entirely trust your kids or the environment to be able to handle the situation safely, you can always schedule an adult to be with them to let them in the home. This could be a family member, or neighbor, or any other number of people. Just be sure that person is always on time, and that mix of responsibility and independence will be appreciated by your children.

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